Does cutting blood hair for babies bring good luck?

Does cutting blood hair for babies bring good luck?

The idea that cutting hair for babies often has two important milestones: first, blood-cutting and subsequent hair-cutting. Hair cut blood is "burning floss", dispel all bad luck. Not only does the baby grow green, smooth and healthy hair, but it also becomes more docile.

Hair cutting blood for children, mothers should refrain on the first day, the full moon day, the first days of the new year. Because these are extremely heavy times, not good for cutting hair. Here are the days of cutting hair (lunar calendar) for children who bring a lot of luck in school and health.

- Mosquito 3 (little girl): Baby will be happy and obedient

- Mosquito 4 (boy): Loc leaves full of houses.

- Mosquito 7: Abundant health.

- Mosquito 8: Increase longevity.

- Mosquito 9: Van the prosperity.

- Mosquito 10: Fortune knocked on the door.

- Day 11: Smart and smart.

- 19-26-29: A whole month of luck.

- Day 25: Full blessing.

The note when cutting hair for children:

- If your child is under 6 months old, do not cut your hair.

- If the child is sick, the body is tired, should not cut hair.

- Hair should be trimmed quickly, because children are young, it is difficult to sit still for a long time. Children wiggle, hair clippers can hurt their skin.

- Do not cut hair while the child is sleeping. If the child accidentally wakes up, he will be frightened and irritable, very dangerous.

- After the child's hair is cut, bathe your child with warm water to wash away hair debris.

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