Drenched in tears with 'identity password' when memory loss of MC Workshop Van and son

The Center of the emotional of MC Workshop Van was recorded during the time she was a doctor reported symptoms of the elderly-teo lobes can affect her memory.

"So that parents are not" good boy ", don't listen when the early symptoms of the elderly-brain lobe atrophy (signs of Alzheimer's disease). Round child eyes rolled mouth, xoe niches to hear parents talk about the strange disease. Thought you giddy, but totally forgot to night, when preparing the bed, I sat quietly on the bed Springs, and the sad, crying. Know Alzheimer's disease causing memory loss, I fear a mother no longer recognizes you, not subject to the same play, same lies sleeping, wandering along on the road to eat snacks or looking to buy the book or story for you to read.

MC Workshop van and his son.

Though her mother explained that the disease of the mother not to close critical too, if there are memory loss, was very long, but the still restless, anxious. "Mommy! If this mother tomorrow memory loss then you must do what signs to parents recognize the child, mother? "-you ask. Just touching just happy mother, choke the word, don't say anything. The book of the mother in these exercises fun hand squeeze each other as tightly, kissing, touching three cheek three times ...

After the Convention the "recognition", code ran out terrified after this mother lost another, new baby safe sleeping. The mother lies on her children, sobbing forever, any real sense again turned to kiss thief up cheeks, my hands up. "Titus! How can you forget? Although this tomorrow if not sewing, mother brain has declined the mother functions still realized the by ... the heart of the mother ".

Live with rich emotional guy like you, every day, parents are bumper fun. The times to market, I insisted to buy flowers. States, parents spend money to order flowers for themselves but still happy was elated, especially when looking at vases are elaborately trimmed son Matador.

Sunny chang chang, still down the yard picking fish eggs. Picking a wrap to keep light, loving children,. Anyone asked to, I said: "my mother loves this fruit". Fear of parents of late, broken, my caviar stored in cool drawer refrigerator. See the mother of, the part and invite parents to eat. So that there are no minutes left, careless mother crave eye makes you frustrated, wait for me in the face, Sassafras, sorry, the new "smile" again. Yes! My mom taught me to always acknowledge and respect what others bring to themselves while parents leave indifferent, unintentionally.

Titus, may would come to forget me? The child is the most precious gift that mom has been in my life.

Many people still praise the "mother", is only the nhon cooking his mother when the fat, when the "greasy", when the "world is very fat!", causing transient mother lose confidence. But listen to the conclusion: "Fat, so you just want to bite into the cheek of you!", I know just the mind. Though always liked near the mother and often lovingly gesture but were embarrassed when my mother married in nowhere. I was nine years old! Agree with you, I will go "outside the lines" fragrant but home mother will "pineapple". The night my mother tired, go to bed early, I kiss my mom, which sneaks a kiss to three the same as password his mother each Covenant. I know but im enjoying.

Titus, may would come to forget me? The child is the most precious gift that mom has been in my life. Her gift for mom more steadfastness to overcome the challenges in your career and life. Thanks for the "man" of the "mother".=