During weaning, the baby should avoid food?

start the weaning period, your baby's menu is much more abundant. Babies can eat many different foods, but there are some foods you should to the larger ...

Whether these foods that are rich in nutrients and can be beneficial for human health in general but never fit with the child during episodes of eating miles.


No need to add more salt to the diet of children, because the salt really isn't good for the health of children. The Ministry of health has given recommendations for kids from 1 years each day should not consume too 1 g salt equivalent to 0, 4 mg sodium. Therefore, you should check carefully the information on the packaging of the products processed food of the child to know the salt in there.

If you fear your child's food, "bland" you can add a few herbs or a bit of butter into the soup or porridge. This will help increase the flavor of the dish without the salt or salt-making substance to another.

Egg white

Egg white contains quite a lot of protein, when children under 6, eating into the very prone to allergic to protein molecules. Often cases of children with egg white allergy or lead to abdominal pain or worse is urticaria, eczema.

In addition, in the course of carriage, eggs were damping can do to break the protection membrane, bacteria can penetrate into the cause of the strange odor and toxins. The child must sort this egg will not guarantee health, even dangerous to life

For children from 6 to 12 months of age should only eat egg yolks. From age 1 onward, the mother may be feeding all whites.

Fruits have seeds

These fruits have seeds such as grapes and apples are the immediate cause of danger to the baby. So, don't forget to cut them smaller and removing real particles to absorb nutritional value of them safely. Even when the baby began to file away and can chew well, you should still be careful with grapes.


The honey used to eat with baked bread indeed is very tasty, however if your children are in the period of weaning episode then have to abstain for the use of this food. Because the bacteria that cause food poisoning (derived from the bees) can spread to the suite. And if your chambered honey has this infection will ease the disease than other children.

For babies under 12 months of age, honey can cause food poisoning botulism-clostridium botulinum bacteria's toxins. This little case going on but if badly affects the nervous system and can cause death to children.

When the baby per 1 years new parent should let baby try using honey to probe the reaction of the children.

Cow's milk

Fresh cow's milk contains a large amount of protein, causes the feeling of fullness in the child. Moreover, the child's stomach can't digest due to the lack of enzyme and osmosis.

In addition, the high protein content may increase the risk of diabetes if in the family of "prehistoric" suffered from diabetes. So it is best for children to drink cow's milk when baby is 1 year old and up.


Not recommended for babies in the age of weaning food episode because pate pate in risk of listeria bacteria infection is very high, this bacteria will form the disease listeriosis-can say it is a form of food poisoning.


Try to wait until the round 1 new age for children to eat dishes made from shellfish like clams, snails, clams ... This must be careful as when you avoid using these foods in the early period of pregnancy . After a period of 1 years old, you can give your child eat each kind of different to watch his favorite type would also like the ability to check your child's allergies to these foods.


Problems using the nuts in the dish easy to cause the risk of ngẹt breathing for you. Therefore you should not for babies under 1 year old to eat the seeds intact dishes such as peanuts. Private peanut butter, you can use the baby was 10 months old. If someone in your family has a history of allergy-related diseases with the nuts, you should go to the baby allergy test before use.

Soft cheese

Should ignore the kind of soft cheese such as Brie, Camembert in baby's first year. Even cheddar, which is also not the kind of cheese good for you. What kind of soft cheese often contain listeria easy cause digestive diseases for children.

Sugary foods

Not because the baby teething yet you want to bluff sweets, like easy to cause blood sugar to rise, leading to obesity. Add to that your oral health issues also needed attention not only for the child's teeth but also need good care both of gums.


The cool colorful jelly, but actually is the "sweet Assassin" for older children. Half the fossils is the most dangerous kind because very easy to put to death. Smooth capital jelly, again often produced under the cylinder, when feeding more people or peeling the outer crust and squeeze at the top of the tip jelly, jelly will be pushing out very fast, strong. Many children with both the purple push into her mouth faster, unexpected drifting into tọt throat should be hoc anomalies, fuming.

Jelly soft capital so when drifting down the breathing is easy to change shape, kick the way breathing can cause patients to death immediately. Not to mention, when using the tool remove fossils are also very easy to cause disruption, this debris continued to fall down the deep breathing, making it difficult for the emergency. The best precaution, parents should not give children under age 5 eat jelly

Some fish

Do not use too many fish, the white meat fish is completely fine but shouldn't eat a lot of fish because of high mercury content engine can cause health problems and the development of the child. Oily fish like tuna, salmon oil (boxed version) help develop the brain, protect against the diseases on not long off. But the same should not be of much use, fish oil 2 parts on 1 week is fitting, as they may contain mercury.

Animal liver

The animal's liver is a delicious dish, have more nutrients, can add iron, the mother usually boiled or sauteed for baby to eat. In fact, the liver is the largest detoxification organs of the animals, all the harmful toxins in the body are liver treats, so in the liver also contain many toxins.

Reminder: The Mommy market, buy the liver must choose the liver of the animals healthy, not be infected, especially not retrieved the mummified liver hematoma or unusual colors. Before fry cook, the mother must clean processing to eliminate toxins.

The normal way to eliminate these toxins in the liver: Soaking in hot water or milk with about 3.4 times. Before soaking, parents can also use the knife on the guy wants to liver toxins melt away more quickly.=

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