'Eat rice before the series continues,' well, why not?!

This year I am 35 years old and is not currently married. In my house, my parents and the children have fever "xịch swamp" up as I took my husband here a dozen years, so close to this age nobody would dare talking about taking my husband anymore. Looks like everyone accept what is my daughter not my husband, and my husband old man will die.

Or suppose you want matchmaking then also no longer be excited and enthusiastic as once again. Now married to my standards is increasingly low, is in the ground, if not pull down the pit. The old days, the person selected must be the preferred form objects look, handsome, undereducated, my home. Even the guy's parents, brother of guy was also put on the table measure count.

What to say, I was the daughter of the House, good education back. But do not understand how the fate of people I like not enough standards of both my home, eligible I loathe. Permeability and out of time passed, look to go look back at your friends and then the children also get married married, his hand closing hands bong. I still go there alone.

My parents sighed impatiently when hear my car about every afternoon last week. Today, my mother is ill, I do stay at home mother care. My mother is alone in thick blankets pile inland. Carry the bowl of porridge feeding mother, saw his mother choked says: "Don't get married then make that child custody . Daughter not my husband, not the agony! You know as to when illness as her mother now that no one cared, then body bags? Healthy you can handle, can be very compelling, rather than trying to when ill then are no longer little motivation to wake up where? ".

Mother says that my tears to flow out. I am shocked to hear from his mother's saying itself. Perhaps because that how much Groove, his mother's home in brief dispose off.

My mother advised me to only having one kind, please grab a child. Anyway my baby bowel twinge spawned it more emotional, it also brings his blood line. I have old parents, grandparents only expect their children to be happy. About the children part I don't have anything to worry about. The only distress is still the first daughter,.

My parents throw away most of self-esteem, pride in the Groove, his family's life that his parents had to built only because of me. In the countryside, when the House would have the daughter wild fuck then refurbished dè bỉu, murmur says not out. My parents how can life be when someone treated his home as a result.

My tears flowed long, 35 years old and still head to let her parents must sacrifice and worry for me like this!=