Evidence of anemia in children and signs

children with anemia are difficult to identify because the disease does not cause a symptom. However, if your children have manifested less vivacious, tired or mentally crying, easy ...

Anemia in babies is the unusual status of the erythrocytes (red blood, also known as the bridge) or children who have low hemoglobin than normal amount (hemoglobin is erythrocyte).

RBC acts as "the truck", used to carry oxygen in the blood. When we breathe in, air contains oxygen to the lungs, oxygen diffuses from the lung are on in the blood, oxygen is attached to the surface of red blood cells and erythrocytes carry oxygen to organs throughout the body.

Causes of anemia in babies

Abnormalities in blood factors: structure and function of red blood cells is dependent on the quality and quantity of blood are in the body.  Some genetic diseases can cause abnormalities in the blood.  This will make the red. When the bone marrow cannot catch up with dead cells cause blood shortages.

Lack of proper nutrition: To create red blood cells, the body of the baby need enough B12, iron and vitamins. When the body baby iron deficiency and vitamin leads to production status not enough red blood cells in the body should lead to anemia. This is often fought in the children 1 year old and a newborn , deficiency.

Deformation in bone marrow: bone marrow plays an important role in the production of hemoglobin. Should the cancer leukemia or bone marrow cancer will lead to a decrease in the production of hemoglobin.

Signs and symptoms of anemia

Usually children with iron deficiency does not have any signs and symptoms due to the amount of iron stored in the body in a slow decline. When the disease turned to anemia, you may have noticed the signs below.

The child became weak, less nimble, tired or irritable, cry sexual harassment. Young skin also changes: skin blue and pale mucosa. In addition children become anorexia, Vertigo or feeling light spots in front.

Tachycardia is also a symptom of anemia, because of lack of blood is the lack of oxygen carrying red blood, causing lack of oxygen to the organs. Therefore, the body can compensate by increasing the heart rate up to push the blood to go with more speed, or be construed as increasing the speed of the "vehicle" carrying oxygen up to carry enough oxygen delivery to the tissues.

Anemia due to iron setting if the child will do heavy slow physical development and motor skills (slow to know sit, stand, walk), sparse hair brittle, easily fall, nails, pedicures, the liver spleen to ...

Children also suffer from reduced resistance to infection diseases, but most importantly off smart, steady, creative thinking ability, poor academic results.

Treatment for anemia

Anemia treatment depends on the cause. In children, the most common cause of anemia is due to a lack of iron in the diet. Therefore, the need for diets rich in iron: meat, eggs, legumes, green vegetables.

Some children need additional iron tablets to help the body to create more blood. A number of other cases, doctors noticed the special causes and need to do tests before treatment. Whatever the cause is, the child severe anemia need blood transfusions.

Children with anemia can easily regain health if proper treatment. When HC is creating more oxygen, will move to the full body, tissues will healthy again.

Some of the best sources of iron for baby:

You can strengthen more iron for children by feeding more food containing the same tcó in animals such as meat, fish, shrimp, crab, clam, scallop meat, poultry ... very easy to absorb for the body. Or other foods rich in micro-ta-min C vegetables such as orange juice, oranges, strawberries, papaya, red pepper, broccoli, grapes, melons, mangoes, tomatoes and potatoes can also help strengthen the excellent quality of plant ... For example:

1/4 cup of sea vegetables (including algae, kelp)

1/3 cup of cereal mix available: 4.5 mg

1/3 cup oatmeal mix available: 4 mg

1/4 cup soy milk: 2.2 mg

1/4 cup of pork, baked beans and tomato sauce: 2 mg

1/4 cup of green beans

28 g sliced grilled meat: 1 mg

28 g of shrimp: 9mg

1/2 medium hamburger bread (about 43g): 9mg

1/4 cup black beans: 9mg

・ wheat germ: 5 mg

1/4 cup tofu: 9mg (the amount of nutrients will vary depending on the type of tofu.)

1/2 large egg: 3mg

28 g chicken: 2 mg

Note: Number of mg will change depending on the measuring tools, food quality and brand ...=

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