Facial routine points affect the baby's health

1. Nail Biting

Nail biting habit is the expression of the young are feeling bored or have psychological pressure. This habit is one of the factors of transmission and harmful to the skin around the nail. To remedy this situation, you ought to join the baby soothing activities such as walking, listening to music, painting ... to make your baby happy, elated and concentrate on other activities.

2. Are the new cuddle to sleep

Are hugs the new bed is bad habits due to the adults created for baby to see baby to sleep or not to sleep, deep. Just a few times, she's going "somewhat familiar", when there is no person in bed, clutching the baby will very quickly be startled. To quit this habit was itself baby, you should avoid spoil the child; If missed making baby familiar then you can from from the episode back to sleep without you hug. Please accept the baby sleep sleep short 1 time when are new new feeling.

In fact, when sleeping alone, is hand-span feet comfortable, the new baby sleep. At this time, you also have the time to do other things instead of just hug your children sleep.

3. Eat drink

Many parents fearing children stuck choke while eating or dining should eat and drink. The nutritionist said that this habit will make the process of digestion is affected, because it increases the irritation of the stomach. When eat drink, baby will not be aware of food in the mouth, would not choose to be swallowed, could not match the episode chew upon coming of age. Drinking water also cause feelings of no baby food making, at least virtual, easy cause anorexia, on the other hand can cause several symptoms such as abdominal pain or belching.

So, if the fear of the stuck choke then you can cook a little thinner porridge for babies. When your finished meal then you can for your baby to drink filtered water or the juice would.

4. Stir the tip

Stir habits the nose will increase the risk of bacterial infection through the nasal passages, and easily spread the germs to others. If the baby has challenged this bad, you should remind the baby not stir the tip, must wash hands clean and use a soft, clean towel to clean the tip.

5. Watching television, electronic games

The habit of watching television, electronic games is the very habits harmful to health of children. To limit the harmful effects of this removal very difficult routine of your baby, you should set out strict rules about watching television and electronic games: you should not to television in the room, not to eat baby watching television, playing electronic baby time for no more than 2 hours each day.

6. eat the Pods

Experts on children for that fussy about eating is normal reaction of children in a certain period. The older fussy about eating news is the only baby love to eat a handful of dishes will cause the child's nutrition is not balanced. So when the kids won't eat a new food , you be patient change the way processing, presentation and for the baby to try again several times after that.

7. Now eat is Street

When your anorexic, sexual harassment is giving parents cry baby out the way, just walk just for eating. Actually, despite her condition, then the tomato a la anorexia of the baby still not improved which is sometimes aggravated. The wandering the street food will do the dirt, bacteria easily invade into the bowl of baby, baby swallows 1, no reflex chewing, ease vomiting when not treated with raw foods, time stretching, absorption disorders ...

The best you should file for baby sitting neatly when eating out, turn off the TV, take off the toy and just concentrate on the meal. Kid's meal should only lasted 30 minutes, if not off the Cup must also cease to create routines for baby is responsible for completing the meal better.

8. Tip the hand

Tip of the hand is the habit that most babies start teething stage usually do because that benefit baby pleasant, also, when baby milk cravings also liked sucking on hand. This habit is not easy bringing bacteria into the mouth that still disfigured finger, toe sucking being done more and smaller than the rest and is more important than the aesthetic of your child in the eyes of others, when the kid grows up, will go bad a lot. Parents can help kids this habit by regularly taking the hands off the baby as soon as saw the baby for the mouth, give the baby the toy chew gums, feeding time.

9. Shut up food

Some babies have the habit of eating habits will cause your yeast to digest food in salivary glands convert food into sugar, make up the sweetness makes baby more like shut up longer. The amount of sugar in the food sticking to the teeth for a long period of time will create favorable conditions for the bacteria invade and easy to follow baby's tooth.

10. Do not eat breakfast

For children, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If not then the breakfast not enough nutrition to ensure physical activity and thinking, and also increases the risk of obesity.

Therefore, you need to arrange a time for a kid to kid up to breakfast before going to school. The breakfast should have protein-rich food such as eggs, milk, fiber, whole grains, low-fat cheeses.=


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