Feeding yogurt at this time helps to absorb calcium 3 times higher, outstandingly tall

The best time to feed yogurt during the day

After meals 1-2 hours: probiotics grow better

According to the study, the appropriate time to eat yogurt is 1-2 hours after a meal, because at this time when the gastric juice is diluted, the pH in the stomach will be a very suitable environment for benefits. bacteria grow at maximum.

Afternoon: anti-radiation and reduce stress

Yogurt feeding in the late afternoon will make the high content of vitamin B in yogurt to be best absorbed, helping the body to increase resistance against radiation damage caused by electronic devices. .

Besides, the time to feed your baby with yogurt at this time, the ingredient Tyrosine in yogurt helps the body to soothe tired tensions, the baby will be more energetic and active and take better care of the baby.

Evening: best absorption of calcium

The night before 1-2 hours of sleep is considered a golden time to eat yogurt

The evening 1-2 hours before bedtime is considered a golden time for babies to eat yogurt, at this time the body absorbs the maximum calcium, contributing to strong bones and height. The calcium content of yogurt is similar to regular milk. Especially thanks to the high lactic acid content and the ability to hold calcium effectively, yogurt promotes the body to absorb calcium better.

Meanwhile, from midnight to dawn, the factors affecting calcium absorption are relatively small, so it is very beneficial for the body to absorb calcium.

When do children use yogurt?

When your baby is 6 months old, you can feed your baby yogurt. Choose the best yogurt for babies, because they need fat to fully develop.

Depending on the age, the amount of yogurt provided varies:

- 6-10 months: 50 g / day

- 1-2 years: 80 g / day.

- Over 2 years: 100 g / day.

Note, do not give yogurt when children are hungry. Because, when hungry, the stomach pH is only 2, so if eating yogurt now, the beneficial bacteria in yogurt are destroyed. After eating, the stomach shrinks sharply, the pH increases, which is a great environment for the beneficial bacteria in yogurt to work well.

In addition, do not give your child yogurt that has been heated, because after heating, the most beneficial bacteria in yogurt are killed, which has no effect on health.

The effect of yogurt

- Increases immunity

The beneficial bacteria in yogurt have been shown to reduce the risk of infection and fight against tumors in babies as well as adults.

- Helps recover quickly after intestinal disorders

Yogurt contains less lactose and more lactase, known as a "medicine" for intestinal treatment, safe even if your baby has diarrhea. Research shows that babies recover faster from diarrhea when eating yogurt. In particular, parents should give their children yogurt during the baby must use antibiotics. Because yogurt helps reduce the harmful effect of antibiotics to the bacteria in the intestinal tract.

- Abundant protein

A box of yogurt may contain 10-14g of protein. Besides, due to the fermentation process, the protein in yogurt is usually easier to digest.

- Promote absorption of other substances

Yogurt helps increase the absorption of calcium and B vitamins for the baby's body. The lactic acid in yogurt aids calcium digestion - making it easier for the body to absorb the calcium source in milk.