Flu treatment for super efficient little article thanks to folk medicine

Lemon honey

This is a simple flu cure methods of the people of New Zealand.

This is a simple flu cure method of people that she, the mother often apply and very effective. When you boil water, then lemon juice to continue to boil, the last for a bit more honey to be able be used. According to the parents as well as there have been research, honey has the effect of throat pain, lemon water help improve immune system effectively.

For the baby to drink garlic essential oil

To reduce the pungent garlic, roasted garlic could then retire for baby drink water more interplay or more garlic in your baby porridge breakfast also works.

Chicken soup and other warm drinks (For children over 6 months)

Many studies show that chicken soup can soothe the symptoms are flu-like aches, fatigue, fever and nasal Chamber.

Soup, Apple juice, water, or any other warm drinks that you like.

Marjoram curing cough, flu

Marjoram are often used together, is one of the top drug treatment welding style adventure.  Marjoram has a spicy, warm properties, do the sweating, diuretic, fever cure, feel the wind, cold, allergy cure, the black stars to take blood. Marjoram is indispensable component of many traditional post treatment, persistent cough. Parents can retire those leaves, add sugar or honey bring cleaning rice cooker and hot feeding. Marjoram essential oil to help soothe the throat, nasal ventilation baby quickly.

Use salt water and sucked the tip

Salt water can rinse the nose when the baby is too small to soy sauce.

Salt water can rinse the nose when the baby is too small to soy sauce. With infants, elected-very handy when nose stuffy nose hinders the suckling or feeding breast milk.

When the House has small children, you should shop a-nose, and always available saline in the House. You can buy a small salt water nose in pharmacies or self-made. How to do the following: dissolve about ½ teaspoon of the salt in 250 ml of warm water. Keep in glass clean. Just keep the solution in a day.

Please apply the simplest way to remove the disease flu girl home!=