For children to eat fast food is foolish, want children INTELLIGENT, please add these foods at breakfast


At the top of the list is definitely the most familiar food for the vast majority of families that is milk. Every type of milk, whether from animal or plant origin, offers certain benefits for the development of young children.

Milk contains many essential nutrients to stimulate the child's brain and physical strength to grow each day. Important nutrients in milk must include: Calcium, protein, healthy carbohydrates and a range of essential mineral vitamins.


Fried omelette with bread is one of the delicious, nutritious breakfast foods that my mother must regularly feed her. Eggs are very beneficial for health as well as brain development of children.

More specifically, the abundance of lecithin with the ability to organize and improve the nervous system, promote brain cells makes the mind more intelligent and sensitive. However, the mother should not abuse the baby to eat too much eggs. Each week only 2-3 eggs are enough.

Milk helps children enhance intelligence and height


Cereals with nutritious ingredients including beans, nuts such as green beans, red beans, black beans, oats, almonds, walnuts . will be the ideal breakfast for all children. This type of food is also rich in unsaturated fats, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, .

They will provide energy for your baby to be active and energetic. Thus, weight and height of children also grow effectively according to development standards. Besides, the beneficial fats in cereals are also capable of stimulating the brain, enhancing creativity and helping children focus and think better.


A type of food that enhances memory and strengthens brain function very effectively, it is beef. Please remember to add to your breakfast menu the delicious and familiar dishes such as noodle soup, noodles, stir-fried noodles, so that you can get enough energy to work for a long day.

Beef contains a lot of iron and zinc, these are important and necessary nutrients that will help children improve their brain, increase their ability to concentrate and remember longer. School-age children need to supplement nutrients from this meat to fully develop both physically and mentally.

Chicken noodle is very good for children's development when eating breakfast

Chicken noodle soup

If your baby doesn't like a western breakfast, she can choose a Vietnamese breakfast for her. Pho fiber provides abundant energy, while chicken meat is rich in phosphorus, minerals help the child's bones and teeth system develop more strongly and solid muscular system.

In addition, you should choose chicken noodle soup in the morning and chicken helps your baby increase serotonin levels in the brain, helping him to improve his mood, reduce fatigue.

Porridge dishes

You can absolutely apply some superfoods recommended by your doctor to feed your child as much as possible to boost IQ like: Salmon, tuna, chicken eggs, walnuts, macadamia , lotus seeds . to cook porridge for your brain.

These porridge are extremely easy to cook, every Vietnamese mother can do. I just need to cook porridge and cook the same ingredients and add to my children in the morning. Simplicity can save time and it is easy to eat both rainy and sunny days.