Hanoi: mix the pills in milk powder for babies

Morning 8/11, team 6 environmental public security police in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in cooperation with market Management Team of 1, 16 and public security p. Every Sail test conducted at a number of stores selling food items, raw materials, hươn materials used in food processing in this quarter.

Proceed to check out the stores have the from address house number 92 to house number 114, functional force conducted seized, setting the minutes of a large number of goods without receipts and vouchers, of unknown origin, counterfeiting, counterfeit, expired goods.

The types of goods seized focus much on primarily on groups of items of aromas, ingredients, canned products such as cocoa, milk powder, milk, vegetable jelly juice ... be used to sell to the consumer used in food processing.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Regimens, officers belonging to the 6th Division, the environmental police, Hanoi police said the unauthorized transfer business households, split the volume sold to consumers should determine the name of the category is very difficult because often there is no labels of origin.

"For milk powder for children are of unknown origin, was played in small bags sold on the market, the risk of harm to health is very high and often has expired.

In particular, with dairy items, before being taken off the market there are many compounds that business people was brought in to increase the nutritional content, help children to gain weight.

Business people also included all of the drugs used to prevent thai mixed in with the milk powder in order to help children to gain weight faster due in pills are composed of substances that cause water to the body, "Lieutenant Colonel Regimens warned.

Meanwhile, during an inspection of some business to the Vietnam Dairy Association this past June, authorities discovered the business use shovels to scoop the milk packaging.

Do not reveal the identity of the business, however he was Universally Esteemed Trinh, Vietnam Dairy Association Secretary General said that this is a breach of process packaging, does not guarantee food safety and hygiene.

"The fact there is still no less milk not be tight control on safety of food sold on the market and weave about the countryside".

He won the School Bui Thi, Deputy light industry under the Ministry of industry and trade that, due to the raw materials of many types of imports including the main raw material, raw material quality should not be tight management control and affect the quality of the product.

"Not a few businesses do eat grabbed stutters announced on packaging product quality is good but the fact poor again"-he Won said.

The issue of food safety especially in milk powder for child items is becoming littering his fears of consumers.

The passing of time, has discovered many successive scandals related to the milk. The most recent is the condensed milk company Frieslandcampina Vietnam Completa produced were the customers element mold at the end of may 2013.

In March 2013, goat milk Danlait of Strong Poultry company also gets the customers element is false, the poor quality causing panicky.

Especially before then, in 2012, the airline's major milk as MOC Chau is also seen elements containing strange creatures; Abbott milk powder had been very much intentional clumping factor, bad quality ...=