Harm of smartphones to children

Tumor growth

According to many studies by scientists, when children watch the phone regularly, they will reduce many other physical activities. And facilitates the development of benign tumors in the brain and ears.

In addition, the fact that children are regularly exposed to the wave of the phone can cause cancer for humans. Children absorb 60% more radiation than adults.

Eye diseases

When young children are constantly in contact with the phone will create a bad habit for children to stare at the mobile for a long time will make them feel pain, dry eyes even fading. And over time it will cause nearsightedness and eye diseases that affect your baby's health.

Children reduce their ability to concentrate when they study

Create bad behaviors

When children can use the phone to access bad websites from which to learn bad behaviors because children are easy to be curious and imitate quickly. Many babies can use their phones to find ways to cheat on exams or learn bad habits on the phone.

Reduces concentration

When children play the phone often, radio waves from their mobile phones penetrate deep into the brain, not just around the ears. When parents who bring their children to school will use electricity, they will have the opportunity to use the phone and not be able to focus on studying or interacting with their friends.

Let children use the phone to cause eye disease

Affecting children's psychology

Many children value cell phones as unresponsive things, more than relatives and other things. They are so focused on phones that they forget their relatives, friends and life around them.

When a child is too addicted to a cell phone, it is easy to become self-conscious, alienating society with just one phone is enough.