How to teach the children of the President of the world's most famous

Mr. Barack Obama: you must own and know how to make money

President Barack Obama wishes two of his Princess can make money.

With her two daughters to have a normal life like other kids, spouses of Presidents always take the time to teach as well as two daughters for the little things in life. In particular, Mr. Obama also applied very successful strategy "the father-thing" to listen to the child voluntarily.

This year, the couple's first daughter President Obama is Malia was in on 14, high near by, also her second daughter Natasha also was 11 years old. But few people know that, despite living in the building there are many who serve but two little girls of incumbent President still have to manually clean up the room. Even, sometimes large daughter Malia did laundry and had to take care of baby dog name Bo's family.

For the entertainment, President Obama also has certain rules for her two daughters. For example, both are not watching television on the weekday and big girls Malia can only use the device in mobile holidays. The use of the computer just to do the homework assistance, however this is also very limited.

President Barack Obama also wishes the two of his Princess can make money by babysitting. This seems quite justified in the current circumstances of his family. However, the highest leaders of the United States for or, this is the way he taught her two daughters about the savings, interest and money management. Though not disclosing how much money but Mr Obama insisted: "the thing that I'm doing at the moment with Malia and Sasha is for 2 baby money. But 2 of my daughter's old enough to be able to make money by babysitting. Two baby must have private savings.

V. Putin: To my wife taught me all rights reserved

Mr Putin is never involved in the method of education the children of his wife.

In a times interview on how to teach children, Mrs. Lyudmila, wife of the Russian President Putin had stressed: "I never use that type of forced education to the child receiving education from many sides.

I think you have to have happy childhoods, are set to dance, play puzzles. Especially never yanked yelled at, tormented. They always live in joy, spiritual comfort, healthy ".

The special thing is that Putin is never involved in the method of education the children of his wife. When home with his wife and son, he is the person or laughing.Her daughter, Maria, graduated from Department of biology-University of Saint Petersburg in pedology. Her second, Yekaterina, Faculty of Oriental studies. Both are fluent in English, German, French. After graduating from the University, Maria has changed their name to go please work some where.

Her records were to be accepted, but knowing she is the daughter of Putin, the places are not known anymore. A sister school, Yekaterina also risk ... not find work.

She studied Chinese, after the switch to learn Japanese with the dream of becoming a professional Japanese industry study. However, she is still very fond of Chinese culture. In addition to study Chinese, she along with Maria did increase the Shaolin martial arts cult Like Scott Kang master to learn Kungfu Shaolin.

Bill Gates: his father's Money does not mean of the

You have to know how to make money.

At any time the Gates family refers to what the assets, they also speak for the child know responsible are awarded it for the world. Their children had private accounts, but they won't want to buy anything that wait for the occasions like birthdays, or waited to spend enough money.

Husband and wife Bill Gates are all taught me the value of life and love on each trade. They both have committed 95% depleted assets awarded giant (currently estimated at about 50 billion dollars) for the Fund because they founder.=