How to tell when smart young


Smart kids when born are often larger, heavier.

The child has good health can be caused by the mothers when pregnancy nutrition full tolerance born out. The mother may also make the best education for children in the family, this was shown after the child be tested for intelligence.

Young's Chair can also have psychological superiority, a child is physically in good health because it is the reason the more vivacious than other children. For example, each child can eat more food should not need parents to regularly bribe children, parents will have more space in the direction towards the training of young, well educated for wisdom.

So, when older family bring older compared with the older light weight, weight, draw can detect the child is in the world, are fully supported in emotional, young will have more method to use this initial luck. Although smart kids when born are often bigger, heavier, but also certain not entirely so.

Laugh soon

When born, the child may be more wary with the other children. Some children from the start was himself the first turn at a time, like being observed 4 sides around, have strong curiosity for life.

A child is quick, fast response often very smart. When you hug your child you will feel this. If the child avoid something which proves the child can clearly delineate what fun, what is not fun. This is also the grandson of psychological operations began.

The child smiled as soon, smart capability. Although this is not entirely accurate, but the phenomenon it is a symbolic. Young school information like laugh soon often become the smart, vivacious.

Sensitive sense of smell

When the status of the good, young children often suck hand or grasp the hands of the people who are talking.

New born child like located on mother's lap, when the child cries, you put your hands on your abdomen and gently press into the sides of the role of the child, so the child will not cry anymore. New born babies can distinguish smells very detailed and expressive unhappy with salty, bitter or sour taste. When kids can smell gas, heart palpitations, will react by changing activities, children will distinguish the smell of mother's milk and other milk. When the status of the good, young kids will look at you and smile, sucking on his hands or grasp the hands of the people who are talking to the child.

Children know by and cry when saw strangers

Many parents believe that their child according to the parents when he scared her and cry when strangers meet. However it is also a manifestation of reference for the development of the brain of infants. At birth, infants do not recognize people, people carrying baby is the same. Three months later she began to know who is friend and stranger. When you see parents grandparents, babies will laugh, eyes dancing. 6 months, when seeing a stranger, she may appear as reactions avoid, face buried in my arms, or crying to. This shows that the child had a clear memory. If the 8, that children still have no strange phenomena know knows, this indicates a problem on the intelligence of the child.

Love to imitate

Emotional expression on the face of the new born child as adult simulation very lovely. When the child is in a State of quiet sobriety, the face of the child reaching out about 20-25 cm to look into your face. First, go and stick your tongue out, a few seconds again, slow repeat this movement, then stopped. If your face look young, proves the child can move the tongue in the mouth, one at a time after the child will Sean out. If you look at the older y-mouth and repeat a few times, children will learn how to open your mouth. In addition, new born child is also expressive simulation pout, smile and sad.

Fathers mothers be positive with older, often looking into the child making a few movements from simple to complex, improving the ability to imitate and take advantage to exploit children's intelligence.

Older or less sleep, wake, awake for long time

Science has proven, the intelligent newborn baby usually sleep less.

Most infants are sleeping up to 10-15 hours per day around the time of birth. As he grew, the more sleep little child come and awake time stretched out. Science has proven, the intelligent newborn baby usually sleep less (but still healthy). If a baby sleep too long, more than certain limits or sleeping all day, the mother having difficulties in breastfeeding because too many baby sleep ... then that may and an issue about intelligence.=