Looking at these 4 parts of her body, she can tell if her children grow up high or short

The height of the knee

When you want to know a child's future height you can look at his or her knee height. If a baby has a taller height than his or her peers, the chances of growing up will be as big and tall as a mother supermodel without having to worry about her height.

Foot size

Each human being has a height compatible with the size of his foot. Therefore, in the forensics industry, people often measure the metatarsal bones to calculate the ratio of height and weight of a person.

Look at your feet to know if you are tall or short

If your baby has large and long foot sizes, then your baby will definitely be tall. If the baby has short, small feet, it will be very difficult to support the entire body weight, the growth of the body will be limited.

The length of the finger

According to experts, the structure and proportion of each human body is different. If the taller baby will become slim after the ligament is stretched. Therefore, when looking at the length of the fingers also become smaller, thinner and longer as the child matures will certainly have an ideal height. And the children with small hands, short and delicious, the height is also difficult to excel.

Look at your calves to know if you're tall or short

The length of the calf

When a mother wants to know if her baby's future is tall or not, she can look at the calf of a long-term newborn when adulthood is relatively large. And in the case of looking at the short and thick calves, the mother needs a way to raise the baby's height.