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Is one Miss was praised there the most beautiful face in the history of the beauty contests in Vietnam, at the age of 38, Hà Kiều Anh maintains that salty, sharp strokes. Through many turbulent, the beauty of her faded that increasingly ripe, attract more than. Miss VN 1992 is also a nice person when the versatile medium capable of acting, singing and especially the smart, sharp on the market.

At present, Hà Kiều Anh are in America together. The two boys home she is United Kingdom United Kingdom and Kang Resume. While the United Kingdom was the Kingdom of Belle age 7 Khang newer than 3 years. The once free, Hà Kiều Anh both enlist to put two children travel. That said, two baby House Hà Kiều Anh has been explored quite a lot of land in the world.

The beauty of that salty, sharp of Ha Kieu Anh.

Over time, Miss VIETNAM 1992 remained made the opposite must relentlessly for exquisite beauty, Subhadra.

These days, Ha Kieu Anh and two children in the United States, so she is very happy to draw on the line of people welcome the first Day of America's 238.

Son Ha Kieu Anh aromatic Bliss up cheeks.

Two United Kingdom United Kingdom and Restore Kang baby very mischievous, lovable.

Wang Kang is now 7 years old.


Two young mother led manybeautiful photoc WINS.

Now, happy with Hà Kiều Anh is witnessed the growth each day.

Miss VIETNAM 1992 two-party radiant.

Happy smile of Hà Kiều Anh son large parties. =