Mistakes in the young mother's breakfast to avoid absolutes

For the children to eat fast food

Breakfast menu so there is no benefit for the health of the baby.

In today's modern life, with Western-style food such as burgers, fried chicken wings, coffee, milk ... became popular and convenient for all the family. But breakfast menu might be good for adults, but not beneficial for the health of the baby. By fast food often contain more oil that lacks the vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients should be very easy to cause the obesity phenomenon.

The solution for the mother to eat fast food at breakfast is associated with the type of fruit or vegetable to balance the nutrients. However, the nutrition experts also recommend that you should not to "menu" of fast food have to face too many times in your child's breakfast.

Use food to overnight

Due to too much work while the time Fund limited, so many parents prepared food, or take advantage of the food left over from dinner. This can help you save time, but this is not good for the health of your family.

By a number of dishes, especially the vegetables when for the night can produce some carcinogenic substances and adverse effect on human health.Furthermore, when your children use food has to spend the night you have to heat or processed carefully if not they can cause your baby to love trouble all day with digestive problems.

Just got eaten

Currently, not hard to catch in the morning baby pictures that just behind the car carrying school parents just "enjoy" his breakfast or go to the port market that her mouth was still chewing. Breakfast is so totally not conducive to digestion and the absorption of the body, not to the type of dust, impurities, bacteria ... is present on the street easily penetrate into your baby's breakfast.

To curb the situation, the parents should arrange reasonable time to arrange a breakfast home to not only the family but have a breakfast just enough nutrients just to ensure food safety.

Breakfast with many snacks

Many parents at home snacks reserve to use for breakfast for children, especially during rainy days. Simply because the morning time so choosing snacks convenience, quick back quite palatable for many children.

According to nutrition experts, biscuits and other snacks to provide energy in a short time but quickly dissipates causes the baby vulnerable to hunger. As close to noon as the baby's blood sugar levels steady. The long term will lead to nutritional deficiencies, degrade your health.

On the other hand, the snacks are mostly dry food in the morning, the body is in a State of dehydration if eating foods in this form is not beneficial for digestion and absorption.The experts recommended the parents also should not use junk food instead of breakfast, especially not to eat too much dry food. Breakfast menu should include foods that contain enough water.

Lack of breakfast nutrition

My parents have mistakenly believed that the staple food only provides heat.

Parents want their children healthy but not necessarily chubby should have choices for baby foods contain less calories, such as fruit, vegetables, milk ... However, it is these foods lack nutritional value is high.

My parents have mistakenly believed that the staple food only provides heat, forgetting that carbohydrates also belong to the range of nutrition. For the human body, carbohydrates are extremely important. If there are additional full do lack heat, the body will have to automatically heat liberation. Long will cause malnutrition and leads to the weakening of the different functions of the body

The parents need replenishing bread and other grains just to make sure the baby gets enough carbohydrates, moderate for the absorption of milk.=


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