Mother tells the story Uncle Cricket and father Hoai

' not ' ' father's uncle Cricket today had not survived, he was gone forever. There is something as insurgent losses in making mother choking back. ...

The writer Tô Hoài dies at age 95

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Mother tells the story Uncle Cricket ...

My son, maybe you're warm memories because of angry parents, right? Throughout the afternoon, I said no that. Just because you want to be awarded a set of expensive toys after reaching a high in English class, or a pair of skates "monumental". But in the end my mother bought back for the ... 1 tiny book! A book "dull" as you say, right after seeing it and toss aggressively down the table.

First, the mother also didn't appease and "compensate" for the right item you want. Yes, I know its wrong to promise I made. But if you listen to my mom explains, perhaps you will understand many things. Isn't that what a pity mother when shopping for guys that for you. Just because the afternoon when across the bookstore, the mother suddenly Bui lived when holding his book series "the adventures of Cricket". Tiny book that long time ago, like a friend's mother, who makes you the soul of any child would remove more barren. So that, you know, the "father" of Cricket today had not survived, he was gone forever. There is something as insurgent losses in causing choking his mother. He brought both of my mother's childhood and how's generation.

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Her father's uncle cricket writer Hoai has not survived.

You know, that day, my mother was a child growing up with the soul barren. A girl just had parents that didn't have a father. My mother's childhood is the chain on life in solitary and estranged. My mother had to plunge head on books to evade many things. Friends of the mother when it is just math, the calculus of infertility-like now.

Her grandmother didn't when pressed, but the mother is anti-anything yourself up to 10 points, 9 points. The numbers that bring parents pride, to be "experienced" with the kids always treat my mother often ignorant. Meanwhile, his mother often smiles every time a child in the class to "eat" the point 0 when on the Board charged the post. It is an opportunity for parents can laugh at them in the face. Parents become the child arrogant, stubborn and complacent. I think I will have it all when it reached the high score.

But the truth is that more and more parents isolate themselves with the world around them. Complacency doesn't make mom happy long when next to no friends. Parents recognize that, but a high-minded has "infuse" on who makes the mother no chance that "into the water". So I keep "the face" of his inherent cocky, and I cried at an upset. Parents crave entertainment as other children, but no one ... I was very sad.

Then one day, on mom's desk has added a new book-the only book my mom have instead of writing books, math books. Like you, my mother had intended to "throw away with" right with it, if her grandmother not mother hug on and slowly tell me-the story of cricket arrogant uncle. And then my mother turned to cry soon because realize many things. Her book, my mother had read back much. It's always in the folder list to remind yourself to know living sociable, known to share more. The mother gradually change yourself and start to have more new friends. Soul parents had more about Sun bright green.

Do the little things, but it's become a part of my mother's childhood. It's more clear, more fresh and more open than the input at only buried in books. How many times have you wanted to tell, for the hearing. But busy lives keep blowing his mother. The mother of all descriptions with work, and you always "take care" into education.

Sometimes, parents peace of mind when thinking that has to worry, wrapped for the full truth. But today I suddenly startled to realize that, you're becoming a child terribly unprofitable. The never known these interesting stories about Uncle quiet Hair Xiến, Locusts charming noisy, poor cricket and cricket stuck-up. I wouldn't have taken a person you would yourself.

And maybe because is covered too so the always demanding things you need without ever knowing the thought of others. I've always been arrogant, stuck-up when high productivity and has everything you need.  And today, when there are the toys I want, my bare to throw away the gift of his mother. You know my mother upset.

Yes, but I will not upset you. I will not "work out" the roi by the nhiếc yelled at, and the spurts by the mother also had errors in part because making your child's mind terribly unprofitable. Tonight, I will not pressed to learn more. My mom will tell you hear stories about Cricket. I want you will "seep" something, to know the value of this life. I believe you will no longer be haughty.

Life would really make more sense when you know to share feelings with friends. Only sorry that "father" is not any more. But I know, part of my mother's childhood there, and I look forward to following this, I will tell to you, what about the O mouse, Mantis Boxer ngan, woman, you Don't ... and both the Mole cricket, Cricket ...=

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