My parents are short, but I was born BIG like a model thanks to these golden foods

Besides genetics, the diet has a greater impact on the height than the genes. The physical growth and stature of children are directly affected by nutrition.

Nutrition contributes up to 32% of the child's height development. Nutrition needs to have enough energy for each age group. If too few children will be malnourished but too much cause obesity. Parents should take adequate nutrition at meals to help them increase their height to the maximum.


Milk is a calcium-rich drink that promotes growth, while helping the young bones become strong. Besides, vitamin A in milk helps the body absorb calcium better. In addition, milk is also a good source of protein, helping to grow cells in the body. Therefore, parents should give children 2-3 cups of milk every day.


Most green leafy vegetables are good for health, and spinach is the king of green leafy vegetables thanks to its many healthy benefits. Spinach rich in calcium, a cup of spinach contains about 394 mg of calcium. The other health benefits of spinach is to improve hemoglobin level, promote energy, improve digestive health, promote metabolism, .


This very familiar food also helps children grow very well. In eggs contain protein with high biological value, easy to absorb and many amino acids that support the activity of muscles, enzymes, nutrients are a major role in raising the height of children.

According to experts, in 100g eggs contain 10.8 protein. On average, a large egg has 2.7 grams of protein from the yolk and 3.6g of protein from the white. In addition, egg yolks provide plenty of fat, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the development of children like iron, vitamin A and zinc. Therefore, depending on the age of the child, you should add eggs to the meal by boiling or cooking egg porridge, limiting frying because a lot of grease or cooking eggs too well, especially not to eat raw chicken eggs because it is very easy infection.


This is a protein-rich food and low in fat, oat protein has the ability to stimulate height and weight gain in children. Moreover, oatmeal is also a useful food for your baby's breakfast or combined with many other dishes to increase appetite. . Therefore, you should encourage your baby to use oats every morning!


Tofu is also a good source of calcium-rich foods that support the child's ability to grow taller. However, parents should also note that tofu made with calcium sulfate yeast contains more calcium than tofu made with magnesium chloride or nigari salt.

It is possible to make beans into different dishes such as: fried beans eaten with sauce or boiled beans, . depending on the preferences of the children, we choose appropriate processing!

Sweet potato

A sweet potato contains about 55mg of calcium and some other essential vitamins will be a source of nutrition to help children increase height effectively. Parents can help their children like to eat more potatoes by combining potatoes and dairy products such as cheese or yogurt, roasted sweet potatoes, fried sweet potatoes, .


Chicken is an attractive dish, encouraging children. This type of meat is very good for children, rich in protein, helps them grow, develop height quickly and bone more flexible. You can prepare chicken in different ways like boiling, steaming or frying according to your baby's preferences.

Factors that make children short

- Sitting computer / watching TV / playing games more than 2.5 hours / time. The total time of electronic contact is more than 4 hours / day.

- Drinking too much 1 cans (220ml) / day is too much for babies under 12 years old. Children under 12 should only be up to 2 cans / week, ie