Name the son 2020: A small tip of the gift of heaven to help the future shine, call fortune for the whole family

1. Summary of the destiny of boys born in 2020

Born in 2020 according to the solar calendar: From 25/01/2020 to 11/02/2021 Lunar year of birth: Canh Ty (year of the mouse) Celestial body: Compatible Canh: At Tuong Tuong: Giap, Binh Dia Chi: Ty Tam Case: Body - Ty - Thin Quadrilateral pulse: Ty - Horse - Rabbit - Rooster Que: Can (Tho), belonging to the West Four Destiny

The Five Elements: Bich Thuong Tho The boy born in 2020 belongs to the Earth Destiny, which is related to the soil, nursery, nurturing and development environment, the birthplace of the parasite of all creatures.

According to the rule of the Five Elements: Earth Fire and Earth Fire, parents should choose the names related to Earth, Fire, and Kim so that his prince will be lucky, supported and helped. when in trouble, all the prosperity, prosperity.

Naming boys in 2020 should avoid names that are related to the water element and the jupiter because wood carvings of the earth and the earth and the earth will not be as expected.

2. Good and meaningful names for boys born in 2020

- Minh Quân - Talented, wise, a good leader.

- Minh Quang - Bright future, open opportunities, intelligence, know how to seize opportunities.

- Quang Vinh - Children will later be successful, talented, and the pride of their parents.

- Minh Triet - Intelligence, excellent intelligence, insight, talent.

- Tan Phat - A good name with the meaning that in the future, you will achieve success, further develop your career.

- Anh Minh - You are a bright, intelligent, outstanding talent.

- Dang Khoa - High academic achievement, ranked first in the exam. I'm a smart, talented, studious person

- Quang Khai - Smart, smart, good in all fields.

- Huy Hoang - Smart, talented, achieved many successes.

- Success - Is a good name with the meaning that later you will succeed in the field you pursue.

- Minh Anh - A beautiful name with meaning of talent, intelligence, great will. Your money will be wide open.

- Thien Long - Dragon in the sky, you are a strong, intelligent and talented guy. I will conquer, overcome all difficulties.

- Phu Dien - In the future you will be rich, rich and successful.

- Karma - A smart guy who makes a big, strong, talented inheritance.

- Hoang Giap - Smart, strong, assertive. You will achieve much success in your career.

- Anh Dung - Temperament, intelligence, strong, the future will succeed.

- Minh Long - A strong, intelligent, big-minded guy.

- Duy Phong - Strong, brave, intelligent, not giving up.

- Uy Vu - You are strong, talented, upright, temperament.

- Duc Tai - Having both talent and talent.

- Đức Minh - In the future, you will have a bright and bright future, but still humble and virtuous.

- Huu Dung - I am a calm, courteous and talented guy.

- Dai Nghia - Live emotionally, sincerely, with direction.

- An Cuong - Is a beautiful name with the meaning The guy has a progressive, strong, knowledgeable man.

- Khai Minh - Smart, responsible, kind.

- Minh Tri - A boy with intelligence and morals, admired by everyone.

- Hoang Bach - Huy Hoang, success, humility, learning.

- Minh An - A boy who is affectionate, talented, likes to help people.

- Minh Trung - Both talented and virtuous, you will do great work.

- Trung Quan - Loyal, willful, talented, brave.

- Huu Dat - A beautiful name with meaning that you will succeed, strong, humble, and know how to behave.

- Quang Đăng - A beautiful name with meaning that the future will be bright, a lot of lucky helpers.

- Chang'an - Luck, peace, joy will come to you.

- Bảo Khánh - I am the joy of my family, we hope that in the future I will have a lot of luck and convenience in my life.

- Dawn - The future you will be bright, good.

- Minh Phong - A strong, talented and handsome boy.

- Tuan Linh - A smart, handsome boy, having a lot of luck.

- Khánh Minh - Intelligence and insight will help you to be lucky and successful.

- Phu Binh - In the future, you will have a life of wealth, wealth and luck.

- Thanh Khoi - A handsome and handsome young man, this beauty will help you to work smoothly and luck.

- Thanh Sang - I have a happy, peaceful and rich life.