Porridge for babies in this way, the mother accidentally harms her growth, stunting without knowing

Break raw egg into porridge

Eggs are considered to be a solid food for babies aged 6 - 12 months. However, the habit of many mothers is when the pot of porridge is cooked, the mother smashes the eggs and stir them up, then cook until the paste becomes thick.

This method of cooking is actually very dangerous for young children because eggs when heated at high temperatures will cook very quickly but bacteria from eggs will not be destroyed. Eating eggs like this can cause a stomach ache, diarrhea, poisoning.

How to cook the best egg porridge, mother should beat eggs mixed with porridge or flour, then put on the stove slowly cook for about 5-10 minutes.

Cook beef with seafood

Beef contains phosphorus and seafood has a lot of calcium. When cooked together, phosphorus will precipitate, making it difficult for children to absorb calcium.

Offer radish with fruit

Radish can produce thiocyanate. If eaten with fruit, the flavonoid content in the fruit will be converted into a compound that adversely affects the baby's thyroid function.

Carrot cooked with radish

The content of vitamin C in radish will be destroyed by enzymes in carrot. Therefore, the baby will not be able to absorb all the vitamin C, causing a bad effect on the baby's skin.

Spinach combined with shrimp

Spinach is a food that contains a lot of Phytic acid. This acid binds with calcium in the body to form salt. As a result, calcium is not absorbed into the baby's body but even for health reasons, the child's body will 'expel' these new salt compounds in the form of waste.

Spinach and tofu

Tofu is high in magnesium chloride and calcium sulfate, while spinach contains oxalic acid. When combined, it produces magnesium oxalate and calcium oxalate, two indigestible precipitates that can affect your baby's absorption of calcium as well as cause kidney stones.

Potatoes / sweet potatoes cooked with tomatoes

Tomatoes combined with sweet potatoes or potatoes will cause bloating, indigestion in children. Therefore, mothers should note to avoid cooking the two types of foods mentioned above.

Roasted pork with egg yolk

Combining egg yolk and pig brains will increase the cholesterol content of porridge. When absorbed a large amount of cholesterol into the body so, the child's cardiovascular system and health will have certain negative effects. Therefore, even though these foods are quite nutritious, moms should not combine them together.

Liver and bean sprouts

The majority of animal liver, most commonly pig liver, contains very large amounts of copper. If combined with the same price, the vitamin C in the bean sprouts will oxidize over time. As a result, bean sprouts become pulp.

Tofu cooked with chives

The calcium in tofu can combine with the oxalic acid in chives and create calcium oxalate precipitate, which hinders the child's absorption of calcium, posing a risk of rickets in children.

Pork cooked with soy

According to nutrition experts, meat and soy are two food groups that contain very high levels of protein, so when combined, the protein content in the excess porridge makes babies more prone to diarrhea, adversely affecting the digestive system. baby's immature chemistry. Therefore, mothers should absolutely not cook meat with soy for babies under 2 years old to eat.