'Queen' vitamin saves summer diseases for children: Increases resistance, prevents extreme hemorrhagic complications effectively

The amount of vitamin C is 31 times higher than orange, Acerola Cherry is the 'Queen of natural vitamin C' with the highest C content in the world.

'Queen' vitamins save summer diseases for children

According to the US Department of Agriculture's announcement: 100g of oranges only contains 53.2mg of Vitamin C, while the same weight but pineapple contains 47.8mg, mangoes contain 36.4 mg, especially the fruit named Acerola Cherry contains to 1677.6 mg of vitamin C, 31 times higher than orange, 35 times more pineapple and 46 times more mango.

The natural Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry has a neutral pH, so it is safe and friendly for the young gastrointestinal tract.

Acerola cherry also contains Bioflavonoids. This is a compound that plays an important role to help Vitamin C better absorb and maximize the effect in the body. According to a Japanese study based on the assessment of blood levels of Vitamin C between a group of Vitamin C users and a group of people using Vitamin C in Acerola cherry (containing bioflavonoid) shows the use of Vitamin C naturally from Acerola cherry fruit combined with Bioflavonoid to enhance the absorption and use of Vitamin C in the body compared to the use of synthetic Vitamin C.

Picture 1 of 'Queen' vitamin saves summer diseases for children: Increases resistance, prevents extreme hemorrhagic complications effectively

Picture 1 of 'Queen' vitamin saves summer diseases for children: Increases resistance, prevents extreme hemorrhagic complications effectively

This is also confirmed in a study in New Zealand in 2013. The results showed that the use of natural vitamin C in combination with Bioflavonoid helps slowly absorb and bioavailability increased by 35% compared to total vitamin C use. independent.

Not only is "Queen" natural vitamin C, Acerola cherry also contains a large amount of Rutin. This is a type of Viatmin P, which enhances capillary endurance, increases vascular resistance, prevents hemorrhage and nosebleeds.

Therefore, the perfect combination between vitamin C and Rutin in Acerola cherry will bring outstanding effects: both help strengthen resistance and protect the walls, thereby helping children to be healthy, prevent disease, Prevent hemorrhagic complications.

Fruits rich in vitamin C for babies


On average, a fruit contains 206mg or 200% of the amount of vitamin C needed during the day. Regular feeding of guava to your baby will help your body get adequate vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, manganese and potassium.


The mother gives her a cup of papaya daily to provide 94mg of vitamin C. In addition to enhancing her immune system, papaya also has a laxative effect, improves eyesight and helps her body to be healthy.


Orange and some other citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C to help prevent babies from the flu when the weather changes. On average, an orange fruit contains from 59 to 83mg of vitamin C. Eating orange regularly helps children strengthen the immune system, overcome anemia, promotes digestion, constipation, restricts rickets and improves reach look.


This unique tropical fruit will provide plenty of vitamins C, A, potassium, copper, and fiber to babies. Regularly eating mangoes will help your baby boost his immune system and improve his eyesight.


Strawberries are eye-catching fruits and provide lots of vitamins for children. In 100g strawberry has 98mg of vitamin C and other important nutrients (fiber, folate and magnesium). These substances act as oxidants to help your baby feel comfortable, healthy cardiovascular system, limit the amount of lipoprotein cholesterol.


Every 100g of kiwi will provide 70mg of vitamin C to your baby. This is a fruit rich in vitamin C and potassium than bananas. You can feed your baby raw or mixed with salads (for children over 5 years old) to enjoy the sweet taste of this New Zealand fruit.


In addition to high levels of lycopene and antioxidants, tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C. A tomato will provide ½ of the vitamin C needed by the body. Not only fresh tomatoes, dried tomatoes also provide 112mg of vitamin C for babies.

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