Responding when the baby hydrated food

The son she was 1 years, 2 months baby powder in your mouth shut any food not swallowing. Each meal lasts 2-3 hours, maybe even spoon baby shut up all 30 ', giving both houses stress.

She also applied several ways as for drink, then microbial nuggets vitamin excuses but don't progress was various. Heard people recommend, you try to change the diet, cooking out or dilute up ... but still no change. While she was still breastfeeding and baby House, drink the milk, eat the normal milk topping: "sometimes discouraged too, very tasty but my picky not eat, for in the mouth is shut away out all the new games swallowed 1 mouthful. Many at mad too, I him/her on holiday eating always, after being starved baby well fed back a bit but do see mercy too "-Marine sister confided.

Like her sister, she is also happy to brave all are crazy my head screamed like entrapment when eating. Each child eats breakfast, both husband and wife like hitting things. Appease all trivia that you still won't swallow "I tuck a tablespoon of porridge baby to shut up is done 5-10 minutes after the new swallow. Also when the baby in her mouth shut and nearly all bored out. Several Travis trick enough chips to use at promotions thrusts are spoon porridge into the mouth, so that the baby vomited again finished off, including the section has just eaten it before. How much effort is viewed as the Cup "– her sister happy to share.

Today, there are many causes of child entrapment of food in the mouth. Primary here is not reasonable, yet rich diets, mothers just love for you to eat at its sole discretion, or food does not taste of baby, baby food not properly packed, or junk food. ...

In addition, the psychological factors holding important roles that lead to this condition. When the baby was eaten in any way causing the psychology of fear as to meals, environmental changes such as change time to eat, where to eat ... also makes baby food refusal.

Besides, can also be due to baby food loaded into previous body yet to be digested, so the baby has no appetite, leading to the only condition of food.

Advice for the parents at this time is the need to review how processing is consistent with the child's age, teeth or not. For example, raw foods, pigs do cợn baby hard to chew or swallow food too dense, fleshy ... If so, the young need food cooked soft, thinner, can concur over the stainless steel sieve to smooth over food. A cup of food for just 200 ml 30 g of protein (about 2 tablespoons) is enough.

Baby Mike Chew and eat any intentions of entrapment due to gloomy when fed a nostalgic flavors (such as many mothers just for the food, potatoes, bone tunnel carrot continuously without change) or the food was too salty seasoning. Need to change the dish regularly for young, diverse food processing to the child not be gloomy, flavoring the food for the young need a lighter taste wedge of adults a bit.

When tuck baby eat, so feed scoop filled because when baby filled her mouth, she will chew, don't shut your mouth just like when there is less food. During the meal, often made of slippery baby neck with a little water, filtered water, fruit, yogurt, soft ...

The parents can be assured is the method of feeding rice with broth or water to drink during the meal will not be baby stomach ache.

Sitting a seat to eat or eat around fine, depending on the circumstances of the family and the personality of each child, provided that the mother and baby's comfort, the baby is eating enough amount of food and hygiene.=