Serious mistake of mother when kids brushing should quit immediately

Teeth in full new

Some parents believe that children grow out of the entire new teeth need brushing.

Some parents believe that children grow out of the entire new teeth need regular brushing, just before bedtime and after eating then gargle. Older children to 2 years and a half of the entire new milk teeth sprouting, begin brushing. However, according to a survey of health oral cavity then about 80% of children with cavities, this is related to the late oral cavity hygiene.

Do not replace the regular brush

The doctors recommended replacing all dental toothbrush every 3-4 months/times or even rather sooner if bristles brushes be frayed or blunt. Instead of applying a rigid time in the replacement tooth brush regularly, you should check the bristles of the brush is best. Once the hairs lost its normal flexibility and begin flaring out then you should change the toothbrush. In addition, when the colors change toothbrush bristles is also warning signs for you need to replace the other toothbrushes.

Children do not need toothpaste

World Health Organization recommendations, children brushing should also use creams with high fluoride, so new effective prevention cavities. Just the amount of appropriate use will not cause harm to the body. Usually, the amount of use each of the child from 3-7 years old to about pea green. Children 7-14 years also use toothpaste contains fluoride, the amount of use each increased by Golden pea.

In addition, after brushing, use clean water to wash off the entire spit toothpaste. Eventually the parents check, if there is room yet for cleaning, can choose the piece of cotton dipped in water to gently wipe.

Oversized brush

According to dentist in the Dental Association of America, said Richard h. Price, consider carefully the size your palate when selecting the brush. "If you see the palate must open too to each time for a brush in the brush, which was too large. Select the brush fits with your hands and mouth to create conditions for the continued brushing properly ".

Brushing with water too cold or too hot

Affect the normal Exchange of teeth, tooth disease since then.

If long time brushing good stimulation of hot and cold, and suddenly will easily make the teeth around blood and cramps, and directly affect the normal Exchange of teeth, tooth disease, thereby shortening the lifespan of the teeth and cause tooth substance for allergy symptoms. In addition, according to the research of Japanese medicine demonstrates, with the teeth of new exchanges in the temperature from 30 to 36 degrees Celsius.=