Serious mistake when milk for the need to remove

Milk available to the user

Because "for athletic facilities and the election" should decide a large available phase.

Some sisters to "for athletic facilities and the election" should decide a large vase available phase to the refrigerator when it is needed, then warm and then let your drink slowly. This is not good for the child. Mix milk and then to just keep at room temperature in 1 hour. If parents mix available a milk bottle to and store the unused refrigerators, that milk should be poured within 24 hours after removal. Bottled milk mix available for kids aged 1 to be 48 hours after the opening of the lid.

Use milk mineral water

A very wrong concept of many parents, it's just pure mineral water, adds more nutrition for your child should have used the right type of water to mix the milk for the baby. But, I know that the amount of excess minerals, not good for the health of your baby. Excess calcium can lead to constipation, kidney stones, high blood calcium, the kidneys work less efficiently, reducing the absorption of other minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium); excess sodium body will fatigue, thirst, dry cells, ... Meanwhile, average 1 liter of mineral water containing about 11-15 mg calcium, 95-130 mg of sodium, ... Therefore, when mixed together the milk will obviously result in the excess of minerals.

Also, use mineral water to milk for babies are also at risk to create some intermediate risk. So, the best was the mother just boiled water should be used to cool the milk to the mix is the best.

Keep the excess milk to baby following hemorrhage

Many moms because of excess drinking baby so when unfortunately the milk problem deliberately leave feeding next following hemorrhage without knowing when baby has mouth on the bottle, bacteria from the baby's mouth and air exposure can transfer into the milk, sticking the head in there and affect the baby's health. Bonus information, a milk bottle baby has mouth shut can only use within 60 minutes.

If the baby sucking too long after that time, my mom be bold pour the excess milk or "economy" than helping make babies, mother dairy.

Mix the milk with water too hot or too cool

Nutritional components of powdered milk is wheat starch, protein, glucose, lysine, folic acid, vitamins group B ... These substances are very susceptible to resolution by the effects of high temperatures. Thus, when mixed with water for my milk just to a boil is done, my mom accidentally losing some of the nutrients of milk. Conversely, if the water is too cold milk, the milk will close the stunned, clumping and not "wake up" the delicious flavors make poor mothers.

Therefore, parents should be mixed powdered milk with temperatures about 40 degrees C is suitable to delicious baby back getting adequate nutrition.

Too "greedy" nutrition

Sometimes, parents often think that children are offered as much nutrition as possible will benefit. So instead of boiling water often, my mother decided to mix baby formula milk with vegetable juice, fruit juice or even water ... simmer the bones, the meat again. But "fat" is not found when you have abdominal pain, diarrhea, digestive disorders, the long or so lost weight again. The reason is that most of the proposed milk standard formula for its product, i.e. the nutritional components of which have been balanced. Therefore, when mixed with water, milk, fruit juice, vegetables ... can do metamorphic or excess of nutrients. That's no good for you.

"Our guys" non-standard milk

Sometimes I "try" a little bit more because our guys want you to drink more.

In each box of milk has a specific mix ratio guidelines, but sometimes mom "tried" swung a little bit because my drink was more, or less half a spoon for fear I won't run out of going to waste. Both ways are not so at all, because the manufacturer has calculated the optimal ratio, so if incorrect phase ratio, the baby will be vulnerable to digestive disorders. Therefore, parents should note the milk for you according to your recipe!

Do not Sterilise the bottle and nipple ti

All bottle nipples, ti and the tools used to mix other milk must be pasteurized at least once when beginning to use. From then, mother could fix this with wash water and coated with specialized average boiling water. It is recommended of all the bottle maker and utensils.

Heat the milk in the microwave

If there's anything more important than the convenience, the health and safety of humans. Microwave not only break the vitamins and minerals that also generates the hotspot conditioning equally cause burns when babies can suck. Mom hot air fan milk do dairy dedicated or more simply: soak the bottle just 30 seconds-1 minute in a bowl of hot water. Boil the milk too long

All of the milk bottle and nipple are limited to a certain temperature (usually a maximum of 3 minutes in boiling water). If the average and the nipples were heated this limit, it will be able to deform or dangerous than is "only" a number of the substance is not good for the baby's body.

So, parents should be careful not to overuse by Binh long, carefully boiled. Instead, just boil the average times are indications of the manufacturer is able to ensure hygiene.

That's what mom needs hard note when milk for your baby to be providing nourishment the most scientifically without affecting the gastrointestinal problems, health, ... In addition, parents should not mix lot baby milk to use gradually, should not try oral temperature to ensure hygiene for children.=