Simple tips to help children aged 3 to 6 months to develop comprehensively 5 senses

Hearing development

- Talk often with children.

- Let your child listen to soothing classical music or fun songs, suitable for their age.

- Tell stories to children before bedtime.

Visual development

- Let children see black and white dots, concentric circles.

- Parents should often change their expressions when facing children.

- From 2 months of age, your baby's vision will develop enough to distinguish bright, colorful colors, so let your child get used to the basic colors.

- Play hide and seek with children.

Smell development

- Babies often especially like the smell of breast milk and the characteristic scent emanating from the mother's body. So, at this stage, mom should avoid using perfume, especially the strong scent.

- Mom should let the baby smell the smell from flowers, fruit, food, cake . These are pleasant scents, making children excited and easily discriminated.

- Practice flavor detection through awareness games.

Taste development

When born, your baby can react to the flavors: taste the sweet, they will enjoy. Tasting a sour / bitter / bitter taste, children will wince, stick their tongue and turn away . To help children develop taste buds effectively, moms should:

- Give your baby a variety of foods from liquid, soft to hard, foods made from many different ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, poultry, seafood . diversity.

- Pay attention to the child's expression for proper adjustment.

Tactile development

- Touch different positions on an infant's face such as lips, mouth, chin, right cheek, left cheek, upper jaw, lower jaw, etc. so that your child can learn how to adjust and feel the position.

- Regularly cuddling and patting children to make them feel comfortable and safe.

- Skin-to-skin contact should be done every day (when breastfeeding, sleeping or whenever the baby feels uncomfortable, .)

- Take time to gently massage your baby every day, especially the soles of the feet and fingers will help children develop intelligence.