Stroke, why children can also have a stroke

Last week on a rainy night, a father picked up his son in a hurry to the Emergency Department of the Indochinese City People's Hospital (Zhejiang, China). The boy's right limb was completely weak, vomiting, unconscious, almost in a coma. After the examination, the doctor judged the boy - Xiao Yu suffered from acute cerebral infarction, and the blood vessels behind the carotid artery were almost completely blocked.

Cerebral infarction, often referred to as 'stroke', the incidence of disease has increased in recent years, which is a common disease in adults and especially the elderly, in those cases. These doctors diagnose and treat relatively well. However, the disease recurred on the body more than 10 years old, making the doctors feel extremely pressure.

Is congenital cerebrovascular stenosis or abnormal cerebral embolism? The mechanism of the child's disease is not clear and the doctor needs to prepare fully and meticulously before surgery, to minimize the risk of surgery.

Fortunately, the doctors during the surgery discovered that blood in Tieu Vu's cerebral blood vessels, although viscous, was difficult to circulate in gel state, but there was no abnormality in the blood vessels. Through thickened blood fluid aspiration and injection of thrombolytic drugs, blocked cerebral vessels finally circulated.

The next day, Xiao Yu gradually recovered consciousness. In the immediate future, the boy is gradually recovering his linguistic ability, the muscular strength on the right side of his body has begun to improve, being able to take slow steps thanks to the support of his relatives. The doctor said Tieu Vu is the patient with the youngest cerebral infarction and was taken to the Indochina People's Hospital.

So why does Vu Vu suffer such serious brain infarction?

Tieu Vu's father said, he and his wife were divorced, due to the nature of their work, he had to move to many places to live, after many transfers for Tieu Vu, the boy had very few friends. Summer vacation, the father went to work, only Tieu Vu stayed at home, the boy was not lying on his cell phone, there was no other activity.

The father also mentioned a problem, Xiao Yu also seldom drank water and when eating dumplings, he did not like to drink soup. A few days ago, Xiao Yu always said he had a headache, but his father did not notice. On the day of the illness, after the father's shift to the house, he saw Tieu Vu fall on the floor, all the right and left limbs could not move, at this time the father panicked and immediately took him to the hospital. institute.

According to Dr. Ly Van Than, Dean of Neurology Department of Indochina City People's Hospital, long time lying on the bed playing mobile phones, lack of exercise, plus drinking too little water, this is most likely The cause of Xiao Vu's brain infarction. Dr. Ly said: 'Normally we think that stroke is due to vascular disease, and stroke is getting younger, it is recommended that people know carefully, try to do CTA brain, electrocardiography, and super Heart rate B as soon as possible, early diagnosis and treatment can reduce the risk of stroke '.

Understand the '120' principle in stroke to capture the golden time to rescue

1: Indicates that seeing one side of the face is swollen, asymmetrical.

2: Indicates that two arms are weak or not.

0: Indicates whether it is clear or not.

The immeasurable impact of using too many phones

1. Eye diseases are always lurking

Everyone knows the harmful effects of dryness, blurring or redness of the long-term view of the smartphone screen, but most people are unaware of the importance of preserving the eyes.

By the time the eye diseases came to the eye, the eyesight was severely reduced, we'd just fire, but it was too late.

2. Persistent insomnia syndrome

Do you know light radiating from a smartphone is likely to cause long-term insomnia? The reason is because smartphones emit light called blue light that inhibits the production of melatonin hormones causing sleep and disrupting your circadian rhythm.

These blue lights are similar to daylight, making our bodies think that it is daytime even though it is late at night. The advice for you is to not use your phone, computer, TV for 1 hour before going to sleep and don't leave your phone near the sleeping area.

3. Causing depression and anxiety

Most people who suffer from excessive depression or stress are involved in using smartphones too much. This is because radiation stimulates brain nervousness, which makes us feel anxious.

Besides, the dangers from social networking sites make us feel vulnerable and isolated.

4. Diseases of skin infections

Many people use too much mobile for long periods of time to develop unexplained red rashes in the cheeks and ears, and even on the fingers there are similar rashes.

This phenomenon is caused by allergy skin when exposed to smartphone surface, which is considered a place that contains many bacteria 20 times higher than the lid to toilet.

5. Causing damage to the joints of the arms, back and neck

Neck pain is a common symptom in people who play games or make regular phone calls. Too much bowing while using the phone will put more strain on the neck and lead to prolonged neck pain.

Especially if you hold the phone between the neck and the shoulder when doing many things at the same time, the back pain will definitely visit you in no time. That's not to mention the continuous typing also causes cramps to the fingers and wrists.

Moreover, sitting incorrectly will contribute to negative effects on the spine and back vertebrae.