Super effective constipation treatment for young children

How to treat constipation for kids are always the parents care because once children with constipation are extremely miserable when not able to go to the bathroom, even with heavy blood comes out making parents take eating insomnia.

Super effective constipation treatment for young children.

Children can suffer from constipation is when older defecation is 2 times the defecation/day for infantsunder 3 times/week defecation (on 2 days/times) with her mother breast-fed, under two defecation/week (on 3 days/times) with the big kids.

In the case of solid feces come apart, young found there when young goats, as members have to push then you should think the children have constipation. Constipation if not treated will lead to various consequences as young anorexia, retardation, stunted, malnutrition, serious abdomen, bloating, indigestion, eating vomiting reflux. The toxins in the Equinox should be disposed every day stored in the intestines can be absorbed back in the blood cause harm to the health of the child.

How to treat constipation

Babies over 4 months of age

Parents can give the baby to drink some sort of juice to treat constipation such as plums, apples, pears (the other fruit juices are not effective). 4-8 months old baby drink 6-120 ml pure juice every day, 8-12 month old baby can use 180 ml.

Parents can give the baby to drink some sort of juice to treat constipation.

If the baby starts eating, parents can use the powder grains of barley instead of rice cereal. Your baby can also try the fruits have more fiber and veggies (mashed) include sweet potatoes, apricots, pears, plums, peaches, beans, peas, broccoli or spinach. Parents can also mix juice (Apple/Pear/Plum)/fruit/vegetables were crushed with grain flour.

iron in milk formula of small children do not cause or aggravate constipation situation because very small iron dose. So the change to low iron concentrations in milk is not necessary as this has no effect.

Iron syrup contain higher iron concentrations and can sometimes cause constipation. So for those with small children need to drink drops iron sometimes also need to change the diet or need other treatment regimes to ensure no baby constipation.

Big kids

If baby constipation only for short periods of a few days, can simply change the types of food are used to baby soft and painless stools.

The juice: for children 1-6 years, not for the 120-180 ml of pure fruit juice each day; children 7 years old can drink a maximum of 1-2 cups of 120 ml.

Parents do not need to give the baby to drink more water to treat constipation. For baby over 1 years, enough water is 960 ml of liquid (water nine or other kinds of water not milk) in a day. If the baby not thirsty is not needed or no benefit whatsoever to drink more than this amount of water.

Parents should note the baby by feeding a diet balanced enough 4 foodgroups. However, don't eat baby pressed to get this food immediately and do not use a diet rich in fiber instead of other treatments. We need baby growth and development does perfect off constipation. Excess dietary fiber will do the baby takes the opportunity to eat the other food groups such as protein.

If adopted the measure on that baby constipation can still not be tolerated with the baby cow's milk protein. May have to give up cow's milk and cow's milk products such as yogurt, cheese and ice cream in 1-2 weeks. If still no improvement then can use cow's milk for baby come back and visit to a doctor.

Encourage your baby to potty/toilet 5-10 minutes after a meal, two to three times per day.

If the baby has know potty/toilet and new fertilizer, should encourage the baby potty/toilet 5-10 minutes after a meal, two to three times per day, equally.

When treated with diets not out then use to new pharmaceutical products such as drugs and retracts remove as directed by your doctor.=