Super simple routines to help your child really smart

For the baby to get enough sleep

Sleep helps the brain to reduce the fatigue.

In the recent study by Stanford University in the us have shown that particular memory and intelligence in General can be greatly reduced if the baby does not get enough sleep or no sleep. Sleep helps the brain to reduce the fatigue. Even when the baby to sleep, the neurons still maintain the connection, continued general information. Getting baby to sleep at least will affect the development of the baby's neurons, even it can make babies experiencing problems with the ability to control emotions.

Kids playing the game helps develop thinking

Games brain training can think intelligently, keener. The exercise by the games will help children process information and knowledge more quickly. Parents let kid play some games like Sudoku or baby play chess, chess, ... to stimulate the brain, forcing the child to focus thinking.When the kid to school age, parents should start teaching children some games need the brainstorming. The game will cause the quick thinking and help little children smarter.

Listen to music often and regularly

Music has a great impact on intelligence as well as the ability to remember your baby.

Music has a great impact on intelligence as well as the ability to remember your baby. That's one of the reasons why scientists advise mothers to listen to music right from when the baby is in the womb. The music also helps increase the baby's language even for the fetus.

Appreciate your child to encourage confidence

Don't ever forget to appreciate what your child is saying, ask. By that help children have motivation to participate more actively in the future. The mother never said that what you say is crap. Please appreciate what you say, praise and explained to the children when necessary. The parents respect and appreciate you, will transmit more confidence in your child. This will help the parents removing their children the ability to become introverted.

Eating breakfast regularly and adequate nutrition

The forgotten breakfast can make blood sugar lower than normal baby and cause baby brain nourishing nutrients deficiency. If the situation lasts, it will affect the development and operation of the brain.

In addition, the quality of the breakfast is also very much to the influence of intelligence. Providing adequate nutrition for the body can help little more focus and increased resistance to the body.

The habit of reading books, newspapers

Reading books is one way to help your baby develop intelligence. More baby read many books, the ability to think of the baby growing up. So, should parents habits for baby reading books both at home and in school. You should encourage your baby to read these books provide more knowledge or those books nourish the seeds of soul ... What kind of policy that will fit your baby's age rather than the novel.

Side and interest them more than

Parental support which is very important for a child.

Parental support which is very important for a child. If you want the smart kids, you let the child know that they will always have their parents are willing to support.

The support and encouragement of my parents was such a wand. By this thing can turn a child not Spry became a perfect child within a few months. Please encourage your child to participate in all family activities. Of course parents are extremely attentive to the suggestions, even willing to negotiate and compromise with your child.

Parents must teach their children when and how to communicate with people. Let's form a habit for you by the actual collision. Initially, parents can indirectly gave the signal by the (wink, nod). So gradually when the child has a need to communicate, they will observe and actively in all situations.=