Super useful from food 'gold' to older rooms every disease

Sweet potatoes

Regularly eating sweet potatoes will reduce the risk of dry eye disease, avoid constipation, laxative.

Sweet potatoes include potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro. What kind of sweet potatoes has the ability to suck water, fat, toxins and excess sugar, the back is also beneficial to the intestinal tract. Regularly eating sweet potatoes will reduce the risk of dry eye disease, avoid constipation, laxative.

Also, to the best for the health of the baby, the mother should also ensure baby's daily menu is provided adequate nutrition. To delicious baby and eat more, parents should regularly changing dishes daily.

Parents also should not eat too much for baby food, although food that have good voices. At best, only to eat the correct dose and age fit physically.


Kale in the innovators, there is dark green and help enhance the overall food, alleviate congestion status rule the lungs, stomach and especially for the immune system.

Specifically, the Kale is rich in iron, calcium, beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin C and rich just like the other members of the Brassicaceae family, kale contains cancer-fighting compound sulforaphane and indoles such as.

Sour milk

Yogurt contains bacteria called probiotic. This creature lives in the intestine and have the ability to improve digestion. Moreover, they also played an important role in helping the baby body against disease. According to the results of a study showed, children who eat yogurt has the risk of colds, ear infections and sore throats is lower than 20% of babies are not used.

The yogurt is not only a food rich in nutrients, but also help raise food of the resistance, so parents should let babies eat yogurt regularly every day.

Citrus fruit

Orange vitamin C help maintain and increase resistance to the baby. In particular, with the hot summer weather like today, the glass of orange juice, lemon juice to taste excellent extremely suitable for the baby. So, to stay healthy, I make often for baby to enjoy a glass of water, extremely attractive.

However, because the baby can face the risk of inflammation of the throat, so instead for my drink the glass of orange juice, cold lemonade, mother, give me to drink orange juice, warm lemon.

Lean meat

Food strengthens resistance to disease season baby.

Food strengthens resistance to disease season baby-baby care-nutrition for children-children's health. In the lean meats contain a large amount of proteins, is an important component to protect, maintain and enhance health for the baby.

Lean meat has the ability to strengthen the system against the disease to the body. First, lean meat contains protein, is an important component to protect, maintain and enhance health for the baby. Second, lean meats also contain zinc, which helps the leukemia cells fight infection. Thus, to baby love always healthy, parents should regularly feeding pork, beef, chicken, ...

Foods containing zinc

Zinc has the effect of helping the proliferating and flourish of the virus. The young body's immune system is dependent on zinc to help fight infection. So, the zinc supplements is also a way to strengthen resistance to the child. Therefore, to have enough baby succumb to illness, parents should always complement the zinc-rich foods such as shrimp, crab, oysters, mackerel, sardines, salmon on the menu.

Boost eat dark green vegetables

Super useful from food "gold" to older rooms every illness.

Added to the daily menu for the baby vegetables contain more Vitamin A and Vitamin c. it is 2 role vitamins boost immune system quite important. Vitamin A you can find in the orange-colored vegetables such as carrot, papaya, pumpkin. Supplement for baby with dishes such as pumpkin tea, pumpkin porridge, stir-fried meat carrot potato soup, carrot. Vitamin C can be found in other fruits such as lemon, grapefruit, orange ...

In addition, when feeding on vegetables also help replenish carotene, protein and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus for the baby. These substances can help promote growth and comprehensive development in the young, while enhancing the ability of infectious diseases room extremely effective.=