Tearful with the images of babies born preterm

Worldwide, there are many cases of premature babies hurts. She was born in week 19, she was born the 23rd week. all are fragile, weak ... including stone iron for when looking at a sharp right heart, also ứa tears. Sometimes, there are also the ' miracle ' happens when babies are reared in cages and glass survived miraculously.

Walker Pruett was born on 4/25 and non weighs only 0, 5 kg.

Come on Thursday after the birth the baby Walker had to wear a snorkel.

To the 27th day, Walker's condition was progressing better.

On Wednesday, 54, Baby Walker has a lot more healthy.

Baby Noah weighs only 0, 9kg when born, she currently weighs 6, 3 kg when he was 5 months old.

Little Adilynn weighs only 0.4 kg when born, the baby's body was little more than a phone iphone.

Baby Hayley also weighs only 0, 6 kg when born in the time of 27 weeks of age 4 days due to my mother being production shock.

Miss Lexi Oliver Fretz, America was born a baby boy when he was only 19 weeks 3 days old.

When born, Walter 227g and operated heavy 22.9 cm long.

Mithilesh was born at the Hospital Alliance (Mumbai, India). The baby's weight at birth is 1.5 kg.

One other case is son Arthur was born when 23 weeks old. =