The 4-year-old boy died after eating porridge, the doctor revealed the reason why the whole family was stunned and distressed.

In the morning of June 5, 2019, baby Q was sent by a parent at a child care group on Road No. 1, Truong Thanh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

According to the victims' parents, about 8:00 am when they took their children to school, they were still happy. After going to school, baby Q was fed by her, finished eating and she was still normal.

However, until 9:00, the teacher discovered that the baby was lying motionless, suspected of being choked by the porridge during feeding, leading to the purple body so the teacher hurriedly told her parents to come, then quickly brought to the Hospital. District 9 emergency.

The doctors tried their best, but unfortunately did not save the baby Q through the critical crisis. Currently, the authorities are working with the child care point above, extracting cameras in the area to clarify the incident.

4-year-old baby died after eating porridge

Experts warn the method of feeding children properly

Choose the right type of food : When feeding young children, choosing the right food is an essential job to limit choking. Experts recommend that when feeding young children, parents should follow the "route" principle from thin to thicker, from less to more and from smooth to rough.

Should choose the appropriate spoon : For babies who have just started eating at 6 months or older, mothers should choose soft plastic scoops of small size, part containing shallow and flat food. These spoons do not contain much food, to help children get used to sucking and licking food.

When giving children porridge, they need to sit in the correct position

Sit your baby in the correct position when feeding : Choosing a child's posture when eating is also a problem noted by pediatric nutrition experts. According to the doctors, the ultimate thing is to feed your baby when he is lying down. This position is easy to cause your baby to choke and asphyxiate the gastrointestinal tract.

Should not force children to eat quickly : When giving children to eat parents should not take action to force her to eat quickly, making her choking or coughing, crying . this easily makes her choke easily cause unfortunate accidents for young.