The bizarre rules for the world after childbirth

Jews-circumcision for infants

The bizarre rules for the world after childbirth.

Brit Milah, or circumcision, is a sacred religious ceremonies for the families and friends of the Jews when welcoming a new Member in the community. Who specializes in circumcision for the break is called a mohel. The mohel performed the ceremony when the kid brother is 8 days old. After that, his family and friends will hold a celebratory breakfast.

South Korea-the placenta was burned into ashes

There are a number of places in South Korea, a very special thing is the mother of my husband please both the placenta of the daughter-in-law about to burn into ashes. They will not remove the ashes that carefully distilled into clean jars, for their grandchildren when the baby was sick.

Besides, after b. eat a bowl of rice and seaweed soup because this is the dish of traditional Korean woman.

Japan-keep the umbilical cord in a box

When the umbilical cords of newborn babies fall out, it will be the Japanese mother kept in a wooden box called a heso. This is the logo for the forge relationships between mothers and their babies in the past, the present and the future.

Nigeria and Ghanaia-"buried" for another navel

Most countries in Africa have a characteristic tradition for the umbilical together. In many cultures on the black continent, buried together is usually under a tree.

Nigerians often see each other as navel Ghanaia and twins of the child are living and interred for it carefully.

India-bath for mothers with breast milk and cow piss.

India-bath for moms with milk and ... cow piss.

Like Chinese women, India Women bath right after. On the 5th day after birth, mothers will be bathed with milk and ... cow piss.=