The boy prodigy Super fast development after birth

That is the son of Mrs. Heather Thorpe, age 24, from Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham (uk). Ms. Heather birth son quite easy, since amniotic rupture until baby Jonathon cried just within 5 minutes. The boy born on 21.11 last year has a special ability to talk and walk – 7 months of age (usually, the kid "3 months know, 7, said the new probe oven 9 months, Bulls know go").

While the majority of the kids the same age another new episode only stand, the cow, the Jonathon know walk and talk from early life 6 months of age.

Since then, the boy has to start learning how to dance and my favorite song is grossing music "Gangnam Style" of the South Korean boy band.

In addition, less than 1 year old, Jonathon has proved that its increasingly tech-savvy. The boy can boot the PC of my mother's laptop and know How to use fluent remote control to change the tv channel.

Baby Jonathon can boot your laptop's mother and fluent control to switch the TV channel.

The baby's mother said that "remarkable" development of their children is related to the baby born is also quite fast. "He's very smart, strong and skilful", sister Heather said. "We are not clear why the boy developed so quickly. It followed very quickly. Maybe that suits the way the boy was born. The boy was born in just 5 minutes and how the development of it is also super fast ".

Ms. Heather also has little worry about the development of his son and took the boy to the doctor to check. However, doctors said that Jonathon completely normal and the growth, awareness of the boy is pretty amazing.=