The culprits make children grow:

Bad habit

Young children often put things in their mouths to feel. However, this habit not only adversely affects health, but also causes teething.

Lost early teeth

Baby teeth play an important role in making sure that permanent teeth can grow in place on the jaw frame. Therefore, if losing the baby teeth early, it is very likely that later teeth will not only grow out of shape, but also grow together .


If parents have coral teeth, teeth, uneven teeth, jaw bone is underdeveloped or overgrown, it can be inherited to children.

Lie on your stomach for a long time

The prone position will put a lot of pressure on the baby's cheeks and mouth. If maintained for a long time, it is likely that children's teeth will grow incorrectly. So, if parents find the child has a habit of sleeping on his stomach, correct his posture.

Habit of pushing tongue

When children swallow often have a habit of full tongue, this is a very normal physiological phenomenon. However, with children biting the incisors incisors, pushing the tongue is a cause of increased risk of tooth distortion.

Habits by mouth breathing

For children with nasal diseases, nasal allergies, often have difficulty breathing nose and mouth breathing habits. Even at night when babies sleep, babies breathe through their mouths. This habit will cause the upper teeth to grow forward, causing the teeth to be bitten, joint bites and open bites, the incisors will not bite properly, causing the baby teeth to grow incorrectly.