The custom exotic babies in the world (P2)

9. Bali-Not to the foot of the infant touch the ground

According to the customs of many Balinese, the child's feet are not touching the ground within 210 days after the first birth. Instead, they will be parents and close members of the family take turns closing.

The gift as clothes, cow butter tea, barley wine, meat and cheese are often friends and relatives bringing gifts to wish the child having much luck.

10. Pakistan-moved out of the House after the birth

In Pakistan, a few days after birth, the mother will have to move out of the House to live in a building called the Bashleni. This building has draw the animals and have a shrine Dezalik, the goddess of childbirth.

Only the women "not clean" (who are in the period of menstruation) are allowed into the building to help new mothers, and they are naked, even midwife.

11. Egypt-Placed young on in the sieve and shake

In Egypt, after the baby was born seven days, there is a ritual to welcome the birth of children. The first baby was placed on a white cloth covering and clean the sieve. Then lightly shake the mother ready to adapt the following unusual life.

Next, I was put on a blanket on the floor the same knife set along the chest to demons. The guy guests sprinkle grains of rice, gold and gifts around the children. My mother stepped through his brother seven times also to pursue ties. Then they lit incense and singing.

12. India-bath for mothers with breast milk and cow piss.

Like Chinese women, India Women bath right after. On the 5th day after birth, mothers will be bathed with milk and ... cow piss.

After that, the woman will be resting in a room sprayed with fresh cow manure.

13. India-custom hair cut

In Hindu culture, the first haircut for a boy in the 3 first years of born into (mundan sanskar ceremony or) plays a role of utmost importance. Hindus believe that the strand of hair at birth of the child contained in that the computer is bad and the scourge of before. The shaved for child will help them "sever ties" with before and start a new life.

Relatives and friends of the mundan sanskar ceremony will parents and a priest will be invited to celebrate the ritual. After Barber done the shaved head, the child will be covered and a piece of wood.

14. South Korea-birthday Table

The first birthday of a baby of South Korea will be held along with the tojjabi event. A lot of things will be put up on a low table in front of the baby. The future of the child would be predicted based on the items they take first: a long rope symbolizes the long lived, a pen proved the baby will be very smart and money (OH) to see the baby after this will be incredibly rich.

Today, the Korean people not only put on the table the tojjabi tradition. Parents can put a stethoscope to her baby hope will become a doctor, a ball when they do want athletes or even control a television to a child after this one will be a star on television. It's interesting isn't it?

Cake flour is the traditional birthday cakes in South Korea. A cleaning white symbolizes the spirit of light, powder coated red bean cake in order to help the child avoid the plastic rice cakes or bring them health and tenacity in difficult situations.

15. Continue to bathe baby in Iran

In Iran, the first bathing of the mother and the baby is extremely important. Following the traditional bath of Iranians, the midwife, the girlfriends and relatives of the family are to participate. They will focus from early morning to put the mother and new born baby hot public bath.

Dark need during this bath is a cup made of copper or brass, containing 40 pieces are engraved on it the prayers addressed to God. After the mother and baby are clean, bathing the baby will be closing over the top mother and irrigated with water from the Holy Cup. The Iranian people believe that, by doing so, the child will be protected from evil and disease.=