The mischievous tricks of children make parents laugh out loud

My son scooped up and told me, "Mom, there's water coming out of the washing machine." I rushed down, the water was really flowing, but it flowed this way.

The night of the solitary walk into the toilet, seeing this scene was enough to lose heart.

This is my son's best friend, no matter how hard I try, I cannot break this close friendship.

The cat has taken my tooth, mom. Please pay for me!

My daughter uses a marker pen to make up her doll. After that, no matter how hard I tried to wash, it was not clean. The doll has indeed turned into Cinderella.

When my family went to the beach to enjoy the scenery. My 8-year-old son ran from the beach and shouted: "I found 100 dollars already". I rushed to look and found . there must be a hundred dollars.

My child is planning to put pumpkin on a wool hat and drink latte when decorating for Halloween. She really loves nature and is friendly with the environment.

My daughter gave me a card with a picture of a cute dog wearing a birthday hat and a candle. However, he did not know how to read, so he did not know the card had two words: surely you will die!

I told my child to know my every day in the schedule, and this is the result.

Carnival dressed up and strong tidal waves from plastic wrap.

Let's get together, let's fight!

The boy's tiny feet were inside his huge boots. What a dwarf in the story of Snow White.

Dead, how to escape now?