The more food is cooked, the better it can be for health, especially the second type

Kinds of bean

Legumes contain a lot of nutrients that are good for human health. Especially in legumes such as green beans, soybeans, black beans contain lots of calcium to help children grow taller. But often the beans need to be carefully processed so as not to affect the health of the baby. Therefore, when preparing fresh beans, you should cook them as thoroughly as possible because fresh beans are comparable to meat.

Especially for cove beans containing saponins and profins, if you are not cooked well, it is very uncomfortable for human digestive tract, eating uncooked cove beans is extremely easy to cause food poisoning. indigestion, bloating, vomiting.


Jupiteria is a spice food that can be added to many dishes to make your dish more palatable. However, wood ear is a type of toxin if it is not well processed. Therefore, you should cook thoroughly, as thoroughly as possible.

In the nutritional composition of fresh wood ear fungus contains many vitamins, nutrients are good for health. But if you do not cook well, it can be harmful to your health, easily poisoning you. Therefore, when using wood ear fungus, cook thoroughly to ensure your health.

Fresh tea leaves

Fresh tea leaves are rich in nutrients and minerals when you regularly drink tea that is good for your health, but fresh tea leaves should not be used arbitrarily because in the nutritional composition of freshly picked tea leaves contain a lot of Tannic acid and alkaloids, if not cooked, will stimulate the nervous system, making you more prone to drunkenness and health discomfort. Therefore, when cooking fresh tea leaves, remember to cook thoroughly and for as long as possible for your health.