The pain because the new born that mother-in-law don't let near the

Hello readers, I'm very or read items shared, mind, sometimes see his silhouette in the mind of the readers, I know life many horizontal left, as I myself too.

When reading the mind of the author of the article: my husband away mom husband pressed me to do "girl" to make money, I'm suffering, I cried when reading the lines share. I was thinking if it comes out affordable will lightly crush over.

I currently had my husband and 1 child. My husband and I love each other 2 new year's wedding. I also understand and love him, but to proceed to marriage then I myself never wanting.

Not because I love him less, but because he has not mastered in the family. I know that when I reach home, his mother's people power in the family, she controls everything ... By the time I came, he said to the House and then both go out, but when I get home my mother you're wrong you this to something else and you do such a thing.

Come with me but you say you told mother throughout the day, his mother says, something his mother said, that his mother said ... I broke him several times, but because of love, also hope as you said after the wedding will come out in private, should we still love each other.

I decided to come with me, I always think of his work, he also had stable jobs, wages are also quite something out, no problem. Moreover, he was the second son, should work in private will not guess what is prohibited.

I do everything, always for the family but her husband still does not fit parents.

But I was wrong, my mother my husband fucked up when hear my husband speak out outside. She said she never agree to. ... My husband eventually "lost" in her hands. I was very disappointed, my spouse or arguing a lot more, I always say I love you, marry you then have to love my family again ... Not really I don't love them, which is love. My mother-in-law always require very high with daughter-in-law, besides work, I always have to top off my face got home.

So she always had told her husband, the evening shift you just ậm Yes for days. Sometimes I feel depressed with married life like that, I intend to divorce, but then discovered I was pregnant.

After I got pregnant, my husband's mother gently a little, the idea has run out of hard days, who believe born is a nightmare finish. The day I was born, my mother my husband ordered me some near you, no it is not slightly familiar do. .. I panic, where again there is something, I cried telling her husband.

He talked with her, she yelled at the cell like slap me, told me many stories. She said she used to have children is done, too, which is fine. So is my husband advised I should listen to his mother.

Although I didn't make money, but be objective as you see, I buy what is left to say the ball says the wind, that I don't know, take care of the family. I really don't know what to say.

To date, birth after 3 months, I almost don't hardly ever be near his children, I have to sleep, not cuddle except at breast-feeding. I see stars like fuck people to hire.

The name of the child is also due to the mother-in-law, the diet of the child by the parents of baby food, now bought by her husband's mother, was visiting my mother-in-law never said ... As to my parents to visit her should also be allowed.

I do have painful than childbirth out without the party.

I live together with the child, which always had the oversight of the mother-in-law. Also my husband then effeminate as, mother ... I really don't know what to do, should I get a divorce with her husband for the most tired, because living life this again make me crazy.

I do have painful than childbirth out without taking hold, not be hugged per day, life was when his home which like prison because there are always people who monitor, now what do I do???=