The problems often encountered when breastfeeding mom

1. Swelling, cracking or bleeding nipple

Swelling, cracking or bleeding breast is a common sign shows up its improper breast baby or baby in the wrong posture, or you use the pump-the milk is not yet properly. You should ask the midwives or medical staff, or other experienced mothers to another State feeding wrong as such.

2. Principle of milk

There are two forms of clogged milk:

-Appears a fraction at the top of the breast: you only need to count out with clean nails when the first layer of skin has a soft breast after nursing baby.

-Appeared a small lumps inside the breast and skin swollen outer layer: this may be the initial signs of mastitis.

If your breast swelling, you need to tell the nurse or doctor immediately to treat and prevent inflammation of the breast development.

At the same time you take: feeding more often to reduce the amount of excess breast milk stasis inside. Make sure your baby to the breast properly. You should also use the milk milk intake drain suction pump stasis admit out after she suck enough, massage breast gently, wipe with a warm towel.

3. Tưa breast

Tưa is the phenomenon often suffer from yeast infections in the mouth or in the external genitalia of a baby. They spread to the breast of the mother when the Baby Mama. If the baby gets thrush, you would be contagious and was the first tưa of the breast. You will see the white spots in the baby's mouth and your breast appears on the top. White spots can cause itching and plate, bubble, so your breasts swollen also.

If you see these signs on, go see a doctor to get prescription oral antifungal cream for baby. You and your baby should be treated at the same time at the same time to avoid infected mushroom back. You still can continue feeding although your breast is still slightly swollen.

4. Strain the breast news

Two or three days after birth, your breasts will be strained and with the Bureau being breast famous. Inflammation can spread to the armpit and can you get mild fever. This is happening is because you have "down the milk". This makes you a little uncomfortable, but harmless and often will pass very quickly.

To alleviate this symptom, you use the hand or pump-a little milk before feeding. You can hot-water bath or wipe with warm towels to relieve pain and relax between postnatal care nursing.

5. Flow of milk

The breast will be flowing milk if too many or you admit being irritated when the baby, but sometimes you also irritated and flowing of milk when the baby cries.

More frequent feeding, the breast you less milk flow. Most mothers use breast pads to inspired milk flow. After 7-10 weeks of feeding, this phenomenon will disappear altogether.

6. The problems of milk

Too little milk

Baby suck as much, then your body will produce as much milk. Therefore, if you have too little milk, yet baby suckling demonstrates the right way. If you are concerned that your baby is not yet suck enough milk, talk to midwives or medical staff to help.

Too much milk

The milk was produced too much of the first day is very normal. First, your body must produce lots of milk to meet the amount of milk is abundant for each baby's suckling hemorrhage. After that, the amount of milk to be produced will gradually stable and self-correcting back when baby's feeding habit forming. If your baby the breast is not the right way, then this rule is not formed and your body continue to produce more milk, especially when baby needs feeding more often. So you must ensure your baby breast feeding properly.

Too much milk is because your body produce too much milk and could also be due to the imbalance between the amount of milk produced before and after feedings to try to suckle from hemorrhage. If your body produces too much breast milk after the baby's feeding habits have been formed, you can milk out and milk to the baby can be used later. You should not too much milk or milk between feedings to try, because this causes your body to produce as much milk as possible.

Milk spray

Some mothers see the case strong spray milk out. The cause may be due to your body to produce too much milk or can also be you encounter milk spray phenomenon. This led to some nasty baby and doesn't want to suck my mother anymore.

If this happens to you, you try to wring a little milk before feeding, or you can also give your baby breast milk to shut down first, then grab the towel first to reduce the protection gauze breast milk spray phenomenon, when milk flow more slowly, you may be feeding back.

7. The confusion about the habit of feeding the baby's mother

Quit breastfeeding mom

Usually, when babies leave feeding mother then that is a sign that something is wrong. Can baby tooth pain or difficulty breathing due to baby can catch a cold.

If the baby quit breastfeeding mom, try feeding your baby sleepy at best and keep the room quiet and not real sound or light interference. You can try various breastfeeding positions, can even try feeding while walking because when move baby do feel swinging very good.

For peace of mind, you should take your baby to see a doctor to make sure that the kid quit sucking my mother not due to inflammation in the ears or suffer from thrush.

Just suck on one side of the breast

Sometimes some hobbies she just love to suck on one side of the breast, this does not cause harm to the baby, but you should file your baby suck on both sides to balance the amount of milk produced in 2 side breast. If baby likes to suck in a certain posture, feeding both breasts according to this posture instead of back to back baby suckle the other party. You will see more comfortably if put a pillow beneath your hand.

Baby biting the breast mom

Baby biting the breast not pleasant! If the baby is teething, let the baby suck and bite on a toy that was cool how kid numb the gums and the teeth grow faster. If you baby bite, pull baby close, baby baby do nose cover choke forcing the boy to open mouth and spit out the breast.

If baby bites that make mom breasts mom exclaimed is a fun game, you must resolutely say "no" with the baby, put the baby down on the bed for a few minutes before feeding.=