The simplest method to mom more milk after birth


You should enlist snooze and sleep make up sleep to ensure time to sleep.

During the first 6 months, due to baby care, you could insomnia, affect the quality of breast milk. You should enlist snooze and sleep make up sleep to ensure bed time, avoid stress and fatigue. You can continue breastfeeding breast milk after the first 6 months to 2 years if the longer milk.

Eat drink

To have more milk for the baby, you need to eat and fostering more, but still have to keep the article. In the first 6 months, you should enhance the eating of meat, eggs and milk. In addition to eating more sausage nails, you can eat more of these foods to meals.

Should avoid foods rich in spices such as pepper, garlic, chili ... do the milk tastes change, making the baby won't breastfeed.

You can also add the synthetic vitamin tablets to increase health.

Banana flowers helps benefit breast milk after birth

Banana banana leaf or flower pepper finely chopped, cooked or mixed with roasted peanuts, Sesame, mannequin eating 2-3 meals also help through instant milk very well.

Pumpkin seeds

Increase breast milk for mothers after birth: each drink 15-20 g pumpkin seeds on living drink 2 times in the morning and evening. How to: remove the husk retrieved human drinking water with crushed his retirement when hungry. Need to drink 3-5 days will be effective.

Jute vegetables

The first week after birth, mothers can eat every day 150-200 g vegetables into the main meal, the jute next week every week eat twice with from 200-250 g, the quantity of milk in the milk, increase the amount of fat also increases.

Sweet vegetable and CENTELLA help the parents have more milk

Sweet vegetable is the number one choice of many sisters after birth by angle nutritional, sweet vegetable leaves contain more vitamins A, B, C, ... the sweet edible calcium will help parents increase the amount of milk, reduce the risk of inflammation, helps muscle spasms womb. Sisters should rinse the leaves sweet vegetables, into drinking water or soup get the grind vegetables nearly everyday.

In addition to sweet vegetables, women after birth can use CENTELLA. CENTELLA has the effect dairy interests, antibacterial, blood gas circulation, helps the skin chestnut red, young long ago. The mother can dry cheeks to drink vegetable brake water change daily or use fresh CENTELLA to cook soup with beef, chicken, lean meat Mignon ...


The simplest method to mom more milk after birth.

Not eat many hock to create lots of milk that the mother should eat lean meat. Eat more meat, fish and a little powdered sugar will not cause the obesity weight gain for the mother.

Conversely lean meat contains more protein, help for the baby and muscle firmness without being fat, eating more fat because phính satire.

Eat more green vegetables and fruits to provide enough vitamins and avoid constipation – very easy to meet.

The mother should drink plenty of water, limited food sweet. Some foods, such as beans and black sesame also gives more milk because the dish delivers similar protein such as meat, fish ...

Let's apply these ways and the most simple dishes from the familiar easy-to-find food for mother's milk is abundant for your child!=