The wrong habit of serious impacts to the maternity

Regularly eating chocolate

The influence is not good for the heart and the nervous system of the baby.

The substance theobromine in chocolate can have penetrated the body to babies through breast milk, and not good for the heart and the nervous system of the baby, leading to indigestion, sleep soundly, or crying non-stop. Also, eat a lot of chocolate cause postpartum women reduced appetite.

Do not eat fruit during the hemorrhage in

Some people argue that time in easy-opportunistic mother conditioning hemorrhage, not suitable to eat fruit, easy to hurt the stomach intestine. Some mothers fear the cold infection into the body, associated used microwave drying fruit for hot, this method is not entirely scientific.

The fruit contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements are good for the body. Except after 3-4 days do not eat the fruit with cold as pears, watermelon; time to send each day should eat from 2-3 fresh fruit, don't need more heat because of the ease of oxidation of vitamins and affect the nutritional composition.

Or drinking tea

The tea contains tanic acid affect the absorption of iron, makes a woman more prone to postpartum anemia.

Some types of tea have the effect of stimulating milk secretion of the mother's body but generally in tea leaves contain tannic acid affect the absorption of iron by the body, causing a woman susceptible to postpartum anemia. Moreover, in tea contain caffeine cause sleeplessness, mother not only hinder the process of physical recovery but also make your baby colicky crying suddenly and for unknown reasons.

To quickly have milk, drink lots of broth

Many parents are afraid of their love for a hungry baby feeding from very early to baby love provided enough nutrition. The fact that when the child was born to when starting out milk, in the middle there is a line connecting the milk glands help the circulation. If the milk glands are not entirely the circulation, the mother again drinking lots of soup, easy to make milk glands in the breast, causing mastitis.

The mother postpartum milk soon so want to suck her nipple, children push the milk flow, then drinking the broth loảng little oil.

Eating spicy food and

In the process of "shallow crossing", the mother lost quite a lot of water so need to eat more than a little salt to the water and keep the milk benefits back to the body. If the mother ate too pale risk causing the water to escape more, affects their health and the quality of milk for babies.

At the same time, parents should limit eating spicy. Eat too much pepper or pepper will render the body hotter mom while her mother after birth body was hotter than normal. The food was too spicy eats to the health of the child through breast milk. Spicy food can also cause the mother of constipation, abdominal pain and other problems of the digestive system.

No health check after birth

If not check your health after birth, you will not detect early complications or abnormal signs to be timely treated, very easy to leave the consequences later on. Thus, the 6-8 weeks after the birth, you should go to the hospital to check the overall health for your body and particularly the reproductive organs have status as before pregnancy . In the case of notice that muscle discomfort, you can go to the hospital earlier than the above time period.

Eat a lot of eggs in one day

Increase the burden for the stomach, affect the digestion and no benefit to taking more milk.

Although eggs are rich in protein, have high nutritional content and suitable food of parents elected after birth but not eat as much as possible. By eating too many eggs in a day, the body cannot completely absorb all the nutrients, instead remaining increased the burden for the stomach, affect the digestion of nutrients and no benefit to taking more milk.=