This type of newborn care puts children in danger, especially in Article 1

4 mistakes of mothers nappy when taking care of newborns, putting children in danger and not getting rabies.

Shorten breastfeeding time

Many mothers have for many reasons sought to shorten breastfeeding time, preventing children from getting enough nutrition from breast milk. Because breast milk not only contains many great nutrients for the development of babies, breastfeeding also helps to strengthen the infant's immune system to help children much healthier.

According to nutrition experts, mothers should breastfeed exclusively for at least the first 6 months of life so that children are healthy and have enough nutrients in the first years of life.

Do not bathe infants

One of the mistakes of mothers when giving babies is not to bathe their babies because they are afraid of being too cold, pneumonia and danger. But when mothers do not bathe regularly, the bacteria have favorable conditions to multiply and harm the baby's body, putting them in danger.

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Do not abstain from bathing for babies

According to pediatric experts, it is recommended that mothers bathe their babies about 1-3 times / week. Note, when bathing the newborn mother should prepare enough warm water and not shower too long to avoid cold infection for children. The mother took a shower in each area and partially dressed her area to help her not get cold easily.

Using chalk the wrong way

When taking care of babies, their babies often use baby powder to help reduce their diaper rash and keep the body's fragrance. But the use of talcum powder can cause baby skin allergies and clog pores, leading to skin allergies for babies by extremely sensitive newborn skin.

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Baby powder should not be used for babies

Feed your baby too early

Many mothers are afraid of hunger, so they often find ways to feed their babies early in 4-5 months. But this mistake puts the baby in trouble with his immature digestive system. When mothers feed babies early, making the baby's digestive system greatly affected. Especially when mothers feed children high in protein, salt, sugar will have a significant impact on the health of the baby.

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