Tip manicure for babies

nails, nails of babies which is very soft, weak but still enough sharpness and can hurt your skin, so parents need pruning for each baby.

Baby's toenails, fingernails which is very soft, weak but would be wrong if you believe they are not sharp and not enough to hurt your baby's skin.

Baby nail grows fast in the first months of life, should you need pruning for baby 1-2 times per week. Particularly for two-thumb, this time can be longer with out spacing your fingers rest. After 6 months, you only need to cut the nails for the 1-2 times per month.

Baby's toenails grow more slowly than nails, so you don't need to cut toenails for baby until 6 months of age.

How to cut her nails safely

To cut her nails, ideally cut mom at sleeping or after the baby shower. After the baby shower, soft nails should be cut. Also at your baby to sleep in order to limit the move, with its crying baby can do mom cut the offense into the skin.

So there are two adults, a man and a boy who hold holding manicure. Avoid the situation drag just hug baby manicure, especially with those who first made the mother because of your stupid can make this job becomes more difficult.

Choose light to cut the nails to make sure parents can see the truth clearly. To ensure the safety of your baby, please use cutting tool foundations dedicated to children not use press the nail or large scissors to cut for young children. Should cut short the nails along the curve of the finger, then use gentle grinding between the rough edges.

Note, absolutely not using her mouth to bite the nails for the babies because that will easily cause infection to the baby. The case inadvertently bleed baby, calm used sterile bandages to patch up the wound, then just the little fat cream topical antibiotics for children is to be parents.

How if the baby was bleeding?

If you accidentally do the baby bleed and baby crying, you don't panic that use medical tools at home to stop bleeding and infection to the child. Very simple, you only need to use sterile gauze up wound up until the blood flow stops, then a little fat cream topical antibiotics.

You note do not bind to this small wound because it will bring children to unnecessary discomfort and even in times when you did not notice, can the child will suck on ice.

The biggest mistake of many parents is to pay the child's bleeding fingers into his mouth to stop bleeding. This is not recommended because it can cause the baby to the infection.

Trauma must have the products for blood or infection to the child. These products are to be recommended is not toxic and can be used for children.=

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