Tips for parents how to treat the disabled child's finger tip

Usually, young fish just shut up suck fingers gently in short span of time should not cause significant damage on the body. However, shut up suck hand wash clean is not the source for children with sexually transmitted diseases like mouth and limbs diseases gastrointestinal diseases.

In children who have a strong sucking moves constantly, even chewing or using the tongue pushes can cause some injury to the skin in fingers, teeth and jaw.

Sure you have to help her hand sucking habit. However if you intervene too soon, not properly or try to intervene in the adverse circumstances can cause the effect .

When children suck on my arms can adopting a number of methods to help children:

1. Make babies pay attention to other objects

Right when taking baby fingers on the mouth, you try to distract her, by encouraging the baby to join a game that kid must use both hands. Before going to sleep, you should join hands to keep the book while you read a book for baby. Those at home watching television, you try to hold your baby's hands "busy" by giving the baby hug bear.

2. Thanks to the support of friends

Friends played an important role with the baby at any age. If mom to baby make you not have disabled hands sucking then this will impact baby good. So thanks for the reminder of the baby when you see baby sucking on hand, gradually, the baby will automatically leave this habit.

Mother to baby make you not have challenged sucking hands help me quit the habit.

3. Ask your baby about hand-sucking behavior

Should not blame yelled at kid but instead, you should hint to understand baby, baby was great (no need to close at baby diaper, drink the milk in the bottle or sitting on the couch) with the conclusion "The massive and should not going to tip his hand."

If the baby has not given large and needed "quitting" suck the hands, you don't necessarily have to argue with her, instead, you move on to other methods to help your baby to "Detox".

4. For baby to see the photographs have illustrated on bacteria

With a larger baby (4 years), you can pick the illustrative pictures of bacteria. Then, you explain to the baby out, many resident bacteria on the hands and will follow your baby's mouth, making the baby tooth pain.

5. Learn the emotional center of the

Learn the emotional center of the view has no trouble. So close to her children, encourages the child's pride. If you find difficulty in "cai" sucking on hand for you, you should seek the help of psychological experts.

6. Praise your baby changes

When you see the baby has good performance, you should praise to kid sense of importance when his "say no to sucking cool." Praise time is a great way to promote the cooperation of the baby.

In addition you can also praise for the baby a little reward to motivate.

Most children stop self sucking habits hand in two to four years of age. Some babies can maintain this habit any longer, but when classmates teased, the baby will be automatically removed.

When discovered the vulnerability in fingers, mouth ulcers or have dental problems and pronunciation; or in young children four years old still likes sucking ... should take children to the doctor to get timely treatment.=


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