Unfortunately, a 3-month-old baby died after a night of bed sharing with his parents, causing the whole family to regret it

According to the victim's family, that night, after feeding, my parents let me go to sleep. Because of the fear of chilling, the parents put the baby to bed with him all night.

By the next morning, when my parents woke up and could not see the baby Xiao Bao, I did not see the baby crying for milk as usual. The mother loses the blanket for her to startle at the frightening spectacle, the baby is cyanotic and no longer breathing.

This incident made the whole family suffer deeply. The young mother herself has blamed herself a lot, just for a minute of subjective negligence, the young mother lost her child unjustly.

3-month-old boy unfortunately died when sleeping with his parents

This heartbreaking story, then shared on social networks as a lesson for bamboo mothers in caring for young children. Parents should be careful when sleeping together so as not to cause traumatic disasters.

Specialist warns when children sleep together

For children under 1 year old parents should not share a bed with low birth weight or premature babies. Because this is the object with a high risk of death if sharing a bed with parents. Parents should let their children sleep in their own crib or crib but placed close to their parents' beds.

- When children sleep in the same room, parents should never smoke cigarettes to affect their development.

Parents should keep in mind when sleeping with babies

- Parents do not sleep with the baby when in a state of tired awareness such as drunkenness, taking drugs with sleeping pills, fatigue for many days, because this is easy to make parents unaware and hit the baby

- Parents stop tightening their babies when sleeping with their parents because they may get hot. In addition, tight swaddling can make your baby choke easily.

- Parents should always pay attention to the sleeping position of the child, so let your baby sleep in a standing position so that the baby does not face up to the mattress, causing choking to children.