VU Thu Phuong: 'my husband didn't make me born the son'

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Each is a super model famous in VIETNAM, joined the series as love story movie advertisementcompany, her self-loathing, fateful crossroads, Prince beggar, thirst for upstream ..., however, 2011 Universe Currency Means retired from the catwalk to marry a Vietnamese businessman in Cambodia. After marriage, she spent time taking care of families, at the same time open the fashion brand. New here, nice person left a restaurant named after his daughter. Xuẩt in SG, afternoon Currency with gentle style, leveled classes of an entrepreneur had a unfold legs.

No one I have to retire from the stage

Look at the universe Currency now Means many people silently regret for a long leg in the village of versatile template, but now she seems deposited too?

I think each stage people will have different options. When I was young, I wanted to devote himself to art. However, at that time, people want to stop to take care of the family. Really, now, I'm also not completely split art. The fashion designer helped me satisfy your fashion passion, just in a different form.

Whether the marriage has to be cause my sister away from the limelight?

Not so. When I retire there are many reasons, however, it is not related to the family. I do not suffer any one to any pressure, nobody catch me to do it, which is due to me, I want to protect his family ahead.

It's also affordable is why Ms. pretty tight-lipped about the life of his privacy?

Really, I didn't want his relatives subjected to pressure, alone I was tapping is enough. If his relatives also suffer so then I found isn't very happy. However, I think the time I received was much beloved by the audience and I really feel very happy because of this.

Picture 1 of VU Thu Phuong: 'my husband didn't make me born the son' Photo 1 of VU Thu Phuong: 'my husband didn't make me born the son'

After his retirement from the stage, Vu Thu Phuong focuses on design work.

In one generation, the modeling effort and strive very much, now just join a modeling contest and then use Zhao trivia or say much about private life is able to float?

I think every time there is a one or separately. Time immemorial I quite extreme, there's little playground, in need of major advocacy efforts, but that form the name hard to overshadow. Now though the easy up but also easy to pale, however, I think, would, too, is important to the mind of the job, the mind your reality then never existed.

She has received or the guest or guest on the program?

Yes, very much. However, I usually decline by that time I was too busy. When the lyrics do judges usually takes time as the program pretty much, or to go away. That the work of much, if I go, you will glitch affects both a line behind so it's hard to arrange the work.

Speaking about his current job, will you say?

I like my life now and happy with it. Computer I quite romantic, I for his life as the book page. I am passionate about many things, in the UNIVERSITY people can stand fell 3, still I stand 7, I love doing the journalist, lawyer, architect, business, the art of making love. But I finally realized something must also business, something also to make money, "there are new areas". Now I'm doing business stuff you like. I divide my life into several chapters, each about life, something I also do themselves, rather than doing the play, when achieved something, I again move on to something else.

However, mentioning the universe Currency, people still really don't see stand out from other designers?

The path would go hard and full of rough, on the road to professional design will have more things to I have to learn. I will persist in pursuing ambitions to build for his fashion brands have been firmly in the fashion Encyclopedia.

The idea since she switched to the restaurant business?

I am open for a long time, ago, I also opened a Northern cuisine, however, I am not much PR, so only her close friends know. I always like to come up with real power, to the customers coming to the Café because making delicious food, not because it's Currency, only when really needed my new PR.

What about existing eateries, all derived from the love for his homeland. I'm a traditional, extremely loved his native Nam Dinh, the original love North. When to the South some time, I see the grandchildren, friends, relatives, they gradually lose the North culture. So I wanted to create a space for the North meet, meets the same "childhood". When it came to my pub, people will feel the North space, so until last week a lot of people have brought the whole family to the beaked, to enjoy the delicious cuisine of the South, as well as to remember their homeland. With my daughter, too, after this I will teach you those things, to love for the homeland is never lost.

Getting away from the idea until the execution is a large space like this with my sister got stuck or not?

Initially, I up the idea first, then redrafted and put my construction company draw back on 3D. Then, I am of the same people editing to give the most perfect. I was the weapons system computer should be careful little by little. Have to say, all my soul is here, like a poet said: "When we're in is just where we go in, when Earth had turned the soul".

Picture 2 of VU Thu Phuong: 'my husband didn't make me born the son' Photo 2 of VU Thu Phuong: 'my husband didn't make me born the son'

Recently, she opened a restaurant.

My husband didn't make me have to birth son

The husband shall help you much in business or not?

Yes, in everything, husband and wife I both discuss and exchange with each other. Have to say, in the work of both the voice of the left.

He has a sister complained Township to see his wife too busy? Often successful men just like to work wife disengaged, while she too dynamic?

If so, he did not grab my Township. Right from the start he know I like. I have a couple of very airy and Western thought, we always respect each other. Both are medium sized lover is mate, however we are always independent in everything.

Look at the pictures that she had once shared on socialnetworks, can see him cooking delicious sister Township and or in the kitchen?

In the right way. He communes I cook very delicious. There is a very interesting memories is the new love, I also often bringing everything into the kitchen. But one day, he said to you cook try. Incredibly, he's done cooking I eat delicious should see: "come on now you're cooking is always Spain". Indeed, he's very quick and delicious recipes, such as innate ability, even when eating a piece of meat, you know it was laced with what ingredients and then cook it again.

What about the romance, the marriage over 3 years have meant she feels her life is no longer as new love salmon?

I feel everything is still the same. Only the responsibility for the life and family of the two parties is different. Rest, my husband still behave as day also love each other. I think, this is the thing to do, because life was too much pressure and busy, so should need a little something to hang back, makes life more interesting.

Picture 3 of VU Thu Phuong: 'my husband didn't make me born the son' Photo 3 of VU Thu Phuong: 'my husband didn't make me born the son'

VU Thu Phuong and his daughter.

The take your child with you? Are you confident with this role?

A lucky thing is I have a very good care of my cousin, so I feel much more secure. This time I am for you less because you have stiff cable. Not like before, I usually just up a little company, and then go home to meet the family. However, I am still guilty because sometimes too busy, making underprivileged children. So, every day, I try to arrange the work to spend a few hours playing with you. Before, I always try to eat two meals a day at home. But since when has a new, me or take me out to the Café, I also enjoyed the atmosphere here.

Anna's baby sister home also has 15 months, so guys ever born more babies?

At first it was 2 more years will give you Anna, however, now maybe 4-5 more years. Because this time I am busy with work so much. Birth out to child care and taking time for me, so, I don't like to disadvantaged children.

He was once sister Township has two daughters, added Anna, so he pushed his sister is born a son or not?

For children, I saw the daughter much more emotional. My husband who is LEGIT but the modern personality as the West, he's affectionate and enjoys the affection of the daughter should have your son or daughter with we are not important.

Treat employees with the mind

3 operating company with nearly 500 employees, do you find it difficult?

I always consider tough at work and emotional in private life. In the work is the boss but life is dear sister. My staff have many descendants or relatives, cousin, and I like that. It made me feel close, trusted. With me again do many things at once, so, I want to have a collective solidarity and love each other. I always say to his staff, that when you go make money elsewhere, the youngest in the House don't fight. I am very hurt his employees, when new, had a lot of work, there are people who have to do from morning to night, but people still follow. Many people can work elsewhere for higher wages, but they remained at his side as we need to try to pay back that.

This management experience she learned from lectures or cast in his life?

I studied business management, but I still feel like that's not enough. So, I even read more books on economics, human resource management. The important thing I think I treat people with the mind they will return by the affection, if calculate too then they would count against her.

Picture 4 of VU Thu Phuong: 'my husband didn't make me born the son' Photo 4 of VU Thu Phuong: 'my husband didn't make me born the son'

She always consider, dealing with staff by the mind.

Has she ever felt frustrated because of what he has to go or not?

Many of you, but I'm always the conception "would rather believe mistakes than omission", can themselves be disappointed with a person but with the others I should put my faith so they feel confident and better life.

Compared with the old days art environment, you see the current business environment is more intense?

I always either parallel to each other, is also design to satisfying their artistic passions. I too miss those when doing the show, I think art and business are both needed and mutual support, mutual relations. Do the art that think much about money, you can't do it. Also do business that has little of the artist, then the blood will make the work less tedious than life.

The environment would also be the miniature model of society, had the showbiz aura brilliance, but when too bright then will have the contrast between the Sun and the night. When I'm in the peak of glory, receiving much applause cheer, but when home alone would be very lonely. The artist as successful, as in the Summit of glory, the more lonely home. But the business makes me his pliers, do business need to have cool and sober. To me, the environment would also have the other person, making restaurant management as well as on the runway, when the vedette herself emerged a bit will have people like to drown or his throne, so the more the need to be cautious and awake.

Of old, while still making art, I cleared chảnh, but really not so. Which do I do not have the time. 3rd year of UNIVERSITY I had a private company, I do more should not have time to talk with people. Computer I just prefer to communicate with his family. Go out with people I see many points do not fit, such as nightclub, I see only headaches, go for coffee not everyone can mind, so I'm quite closed and little traffic exchanges.

Currently, a close friend of the art world's sister?

If only the play basis in the world then there are also some, song hangs then I have no more. Now only sister Suicidal Rate. Two sisters sticking together for a long time, from what was not that day, until today. Actually I rather urge you, because I take the pity so don't have the time.

Thanks and wish my sister happy!=

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