When a child has a fever, parents are absolutely not allowed to do the following

Things parents are not allowed to do when the child has a fever:

1.Do not apply cold compresses

These measures only help children reduce fever first 1 hour faster, but then they will return fever, even damaging the skin of the child. In particular, if the child has a fever due to bacterial infection, pneumonia, then applying cold or applying fever-reducing patches only makes the child's condition become more and more serious.

2. Do not give children antibiotics

Most children who have a very high fever do not need antibiotics. This medicine is used only when a doctor suspects a bacterial infection that causes a fever.

3. Do not warm children with blankets or thick clothes even if they are cold

This only raises the child's temperature, making the child's condition worse. You should take off blankets, clothes, help children feel comfortable to regulate body temperature.




4. Not complying with instructions

In particular, mothers are not allowed to self-medicate or arbitrarily give drugs to children without a doctor's prescription.

When a child has a fever, how should parents handle it properly?

- Keep clean and hygienic to prevent infection and infection. At this time, the child's immune system is declining.

- Positive for children to eat fruit, juice rich in vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and resistance.

- If your child has diarrhea, don't force him / her to eat, but rather plenty of fluids and water. Give your child drinks of electrolyte drinks, or fruit juice.

- After the child has vomited, do not feed him / her immediately. Please wait at least 30 minutes.

- If your child has a fever above 39 degrees, seek medical attention immediately.