When the first child says: 'I hate you!'

The first child jealousy with children

The first was Hue 4 years then she born more babies. Since then big baby stabbed out struggling with children. Every time my sister Lily for baby feeding big baby is crying mother demanding closing or appearing very sad face. The when you play with, sleep lullabies mother you big baby just nag, even I hate expression, toys of the children or the children cry.

Meanwhile, she tells her sister at the sleeping baby is taking time out to play with the baby, but the baby still envious. Despite the explain to you, but it looks like the big sister home baby Lily still felt tửi each time to see my mother close, cuddly baby.

Just like the case of Lily's sister. His family, Ms. Lan birth Monday when new than their daughter 3 years. Initially, the baby is in the womb, the daughter even enjoyed talking and touching the baby in the womb. But since the birth of baby daughter she must change. Baby, baby much hate proved at the baby just cry just screamed, "I hate you!".

There are times, she Spread are for baby sister daughter dancing then elected ti phắt up the bed, pushing the baby out, and then climb into heart mother, do little baby fell off the bed. Although angry with you, but she also felt wounded daughter. Many see the nag at the "mom, closing a little child", while she is the baby, she lists back ứa tears.

The first story all the attention, caring, loving's parents before the child is. Should now have children, the big baby will have san shared all that baby is "exclusively". So, the baby is the first child expressed in response to baby-whom the kid think are take baby's love of mother, mother's time-is a common reaction.

To overcome the attitude "jealous" of the first baby, parents need to do the work of psychotherapy for the baby as soon as the intended birth Monday. And this preparation must make regular continuity. Parents need to talk with the kid about the intentions of a friend for baby, more people play with the baby, the more babies when the baby being bullied ... When pregnant the second baby, her parents regularly to give your talk to the baby, play with the baby, at the same time engaging in the process of thai higher education-teach baby in the womb of the same parents.

The case of the first baby I hate expression, toys, teasing me to cry can stem from causes the baby to feel not ready to receive a new Member of the family, see the lack of motherly love. Whether parents spent time for first baby when babies sleep but baby still see not enough, yet safe.

The baby, even when growing up did ask parents who hurt more. She is also the only mother you embarrass my sister or brother that don't hurt yourself. From there the baby wear, and implicitly jealous siblings or children. This very negative emotions need the parents care and tuning.

First baby often jealous of me because I think that dominated the love of parents.

What to do when the first child jealous of the baby?

To give the first child don't "hate" you parents should be prepared for major child mentality right from the day the baby is in the womb.

The same parents don't forget to cross the wall told the children: "There I will be adding you, more people of the same play, same decent protection" ... To big baby out when there are children, the baby will "be" a lot. The mother also remember is to always be fair in concern, care, teaching two boy. For example the same buying toys for two baby, may encourage large nursery choose toys for children.

The parents should also give the same health baby with her mother. For example, thanks to the first little things help as for baby diapers, get prepared for bathing babies. Teach older children make toys for baby, rocking balloons for baby to play. When you see the smiling baby, let's praise the adult had to know coax.

And though busy baby care, then the parents must still always interested the big eye baby, smile, using the familiar gestures, such as removing the back, big baby carry him ... like before having the baby. No big baby when fine, yelled at when the baby has a bad expression with children, whose parents are analyzed for big baby out how his actions are wrong and the parents are very upset when the baby to do the same.

The change of the first baby with you depends a lot on the love interest of both parents. The parents do not think that having 3, 4 years old and the baby will understand when their parents spend the most love for the baby.

Children very fair capital, we want the parents also love them like babies, to not feel the bag body or think that my parents just love children, forgetting them. The measures yelled, or not for big baby back near me as do baby hate and jealousy with me over that. Because of the siege, just a little more baby care but do not "forgotten" the first child the mother nhé!=