Winter bathing for children how to not be sick

The doctor of Pediatrics recommends that even these days, the baby should also be clean clean, like new, energetic. But when baby bath must be careful lest the ease of cold or hot water too little will cause skin damage.

Here are a few points worth noting when parents for baby bath:

Avoid bathing for the baby too early or too late in the day, also Dietetic not for baby bath from 11 h-13 h. The best time is from 10 h-10h30 or from 13 h to 16 h before then.

Winter, not necessarily the date would also still bath daily hygiene for children. Just wipe the body with warm water and pay particular attention to hygiene and dry body part from below the navel to feet.

With the baby's mother should not take off your clothes. Parents should "bathe, take him/her to that". Clean bath seat for baby mom would then wrap the towel to dry and keep warm for you. When dressing for the child, the mother also dressed up for you then remove the scarf out to it.

Despite how cold, parents also should not mix the bath water for the heat. This will be harmful for your baby's delicate skin. Many babies to see hot water too, again not dare shower down.

With the children on a years, so buy one pot to pot, high to do when children sits on the water that covered the greater part of young body. Warm water will help not being cold.

Parents should clean to older, because when your parents will make the bath slightly warm water still remaining in the room so the room will feel warm is for my shower first. If the weather is too cold, you too can let in water a little warmer for baby to Melaleuca.

As for bathroom, bathroom with warm water, in sheltered rooms. If the parents would have the condition, for baby shower in air-conditioned or fan heaters, air will also be warmer. I remember don't let conditioner or heating fan pointing straight to the kid. This makes you more prone to dry skin or cause burns.

The mother should not be bathed too long for you. As for the pots off, also need to dry your children and dressed quickly. Before the bath for children, parents should get clothes, hat, socks for baby.

Before the baby shower, if the fan heaters can reduce fever and the mother through her children's clothes on the fan, then incubated the clothes into a towel. So, when dressing still has warmth and the baby will not be shaken. Or do not use the fan heater, the mother can incubate the clothes into the mother.

Important principles for bathroom in winter is bathed from bottom to top. You wash for baby legs first, then the bath gradually upwards. Shampooing real fast for the last baby to avoid baby being cold when wet. Place a hand towel to stay on the baby's chest and intense light regular warm water over it. Or better off as two people bathing, a Palm, a period of continuous water flush on young people.

At closing, the young person ready compost napkins sort to bosses in the airtight to seep over the young person, if more careful then another dry towel instead of a towel wet recently to ensure the other towel getting wet not cold in contrast to young people (with babies).

If alone, let the towels in the bath to can immediately wrap for baby bath is complete. Clutching babies and used dry wipes for your baby.

When wiping, very important parts are dry and warm it is. If the infant is a person wearing a foot away, at the same time at a time, following the same dress.

Bath time for baby to not extend beyond 5 minutes since the baby into the water to him/her out of the pots, to ensure water kept warm enough for the baby. And winter just for baby bath 2-3 times/week.=