You parents to death because of 'teach' according to

(Phunutoday)-Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz in Paradise, California, was accused of killing her foster daughter Lydia 7 years in a time penalty for the wrong pronunciation from "pulled" (drag). The couple are also accused of torturing adopted daughter Zariah 11 years for causing the bruises on the body of his 10 year old son.

The two girls Lydia and Zariah is adopted from a Schatz House orphanage in Liberia three years ago. The couple had seven children, all Allegations. After the death of Lydia, when being interrogated police, 6 remaining children declare that they were often beaten by parents plumbing, especially Lydia and Zariah always been continuous hours due to disciplinary violations "or" and "bad" is the mirror for his children. After hospitalization, Zariah is doctor diagnosed with renal failure and doctors conducted a blood-filtering treatment, and the treatment of injuries caused by beatings.

The cover of the book are controversial


The couple was accused of torture and killings by used a 15-inch-long plastic water pipes to beat the kids, especially Lydia Schatz for several hours according to the method that the book "To Train Up a Child"-teaching our children the couple's Pastor Michael and Debi Pearl.

The method of "education" is also related to the death of a boy in North Carolina in 2006 when a "devotee" of the Pearl has accidentally killed Sean Paddock-a son 4 her age-after the wrap tightly in a blanket baby making choking boy. Earlier, Sean Paddock and two of his bowel was also repeatedly been tormenting mother by the type of water tube because to follow the advice in the book of the Pearl.

In addition, a pitiful case is another victim of the book's Hana Grace-Rose Williams, age 19, in Washington, had just died on 12/5/2011. Her Ethiopian family were Larry and Carri Williams Christians adopted Christian from the age of 13. Hana no to school that was his parents teach at home. The cause of death of Hana is due to hypothermia and malnutrition after her parents apply the sanctions by the method of Pearl. Hana was caught sleeping outdoors to cold, not a few pieces cover the body and face down the mud, besides also being beaten with a pipe and starved.

In the process of looking at the Allegations, police had photographed a 15 inch long plastic water pipe on the bed of the parents of the child, it is besides a reading book for children that the authorities said she had read the book that Lydia and beaten repeatedly for two days only because trót mispronounce a Word.

Police later also discovered a magazine article in Salon Magazine in which husband and wife Pearl recommends parents should punish kids when they foul water tube: "Please use a long water pipe tube to them".

The two pastors Pearl never trained on specialized education and child development. In his book, Michael Pearl wrote that he and his wife simply apply "the principles that the Amish community (Group of Christians living in North America) used to train the stubborn Mule".

On its web site, the couple Pearl advised parents that: "you can buy the water pipe in the family's tool shop with price 1USD. If buying a dozen sailings, the price will be cheaper. Can to get plumbing in every room and on the car. So, just to see them as the kids have also "know" and then ".  Author of the book "To Train Up a Child" also hints readers may use other tools, such as "a small, 12-inch-long twig" for the baby, or a ruler, paddle, belt or a tree branch to more than for the bigger kids.  Website of Peal also guide parents as follows: "each time we select 10 or more roi if they resist. Be careful when the sanction in front of others by the curious neighbor might call socialworker. "

Excuses on how to teach kids violence, husband and wife pastors Pearl said that: "we are not taught how to" punishment by humiliation "or" beating ". We teach the parents how to train their children by these measures and tools necessary to control the kids attention. There have been over 1 million parents applied these principles and achieve very good results ".

Speaking about the book "To Train Up a Child" and aftermath hurt that it caused her, Sherry a. said: "I absolutely oppose the method taught me that the book brought out. That's awful! Husband and I have been awarded this book when I was pregnant with my son. I really feel fear when reading what the author guide parents apply to the kids. Even more appalling is that they used the faith and the fear of the spirit as a way to drive readers to follow his advice. According to me, Micheal and Debi Pearl deserve to be sitting in prison because of their immoral behaviour ".

A reader named r.: "I can't understand why these parents apply teaching methods of child Pearl. They are deranged. Why can anyone, beating their child to death? I think that this is an expensive lesson for every family. Love child is beaten and two completely different concepts. Before teaching their children, parents need to understand personality, mind, love of his children. Rocketing ROI is not always an appropriate tool ".

Another person when interviewed voiced: "can not imagine what that other seedy book sowing in early readers. I just want to call the parents should not make mistakes in the application according to the book. In addition, we should also not equate between teach their children at home with fanatical habit. My children also do not go to school but was taught at home, but I have the view that before the child's mistake, parents should use the gentle discipline measures and positive to the children aware of their mistake that self repair ".=